321 Clementi

321 Clementi Cinema

Guide To Know About The 321 Clementi

All ages can find dining and entertainment options at 321 Clementi. A contemporary theatre called WE Cinemas may found on floor 3. Sadly, difficult to get tickets here. Eng Wah turns out to be WE Cinema. To remedy the shortage of movies in the neighbourhood, the entertainment company opened 321 Clementi. In addition to the theatre, the mall has a variety of distinctive and well-known food and beverage establishments. Additionally, they want to exude a vibrant, joyful entertaining, and alluring attitude.

Places To Visit In Clementi

Clementi, Friend of Art

Art Friend could be the first company that comes to mind when where to purchase the supplies you need for your creative tasks. The business is to visit art lovers. They discover a variety of equipment and materials. Craft supplies found in one place at Art Friend. It is the ideal location to go if you ever need anything for your artistic endeavours in 321 Clementi. However, it isn’t available anywhere else.

Kopi Kedai

A Kopitiam lunch in the brand-new Kedai Kopi halal coffee shop gives the impression of dining in a relaxed restaurant. But the cost is comparable to a Kopitiam dinner. Kopitiam modelled after the fashionable Tenderbest Makcik Market at Bedok Point, which owns Tenderfresh. However, it’s not your standard cheesy plastic furniture.

Western fare like roasted spring chicken is at the stall bearing its name. Additionally, it has Hawkerman Street Kitchen, a mod zi char restaurant. It typically serves non-halal foods like Hokkien mee and char kway teow that are lard and pork-free.

W39 Bakery and Bistro

A charming small eatery name W39 Bistro & Bakery can found on the West Coast of Singapore. The small eatery is tucked away in a neighbourhood close to Clementi Stadium. It’s the kind setting where you instantly feel really at ease.

The décor of W39 Bistro & Bakery has elements of both a vacation home and a rural residence. You instantly feel at home when it has Hampton’s vibe. There is also a collection of magazines. It keeps you occupied while you eat. Therefore, dining alone can be enjoyable here.

321 Clementi Entrance 

Park Clementi Woods

The Woods Park provides a friendly atmosphere. It has plenty of old trees and wild plants for those who want to be near nature. Along the tree-lined walks, you may hear chirping of birds and the calming hum of insects. You will be enveloped by the peaceful, laid-back ambience of the woods as you stroll through the park. Visitors can get a birds-ey perspective of the area from a tower near one of the park’s ends. As you eat at the tower block’s restaurant, take in the serenity of Clementi Woods Park.

321 Clementi Facade 

Utilize Spas and Relaxing Massages

There are many excellent spas and massage facilities in this area. Here are some ideas for things to do in Clementi.


Theresa is already well-known in the fields of wellness and beauty. They have been developing its stellar reputation for more than three decades. Our most popular service is the aromatherapy body massage. It is perfect for those who spend a lot of time at home or seated for extended periods. Theresa employs organic aromatherapy essences to treat stiffness and enhance blood flow.

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