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31 Mar 2018 – #09-02 Sold

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31 Mar 2018 – #03-01 Sold


This is a condo apartment that has one of the most luxurious spaces there is in the market. Set in one of the most prestigious areas of Singapore, 8 Hullet condo in District 9 offers property buyers extensive space and quality housing that is a sanctuary oasis located at the heart of the city. District 9 is one of Singapore’s most prestigious locations in the city.

It is also commonly known as Orchard area because of the fanciful lighting which is next to the tree plantations. This makes the area among the most visited places in Singapore by tourists and has become a prime residential area for which high end and luxurious housing is springing up.

The 8 Hullet development was done by the Lian Huat group and the Hullet Development Pte Ltd. The Lian Huan Group has interest in both Australia and China. They deal in property investments, land development, managing resorts and also service apartments in the regions for which they are located in. The group which was started in Singapore has spread its wings to China by building a luxurious residential 25 storey apartment in Tianjin and has also building another in One North Business Park. This means the group is determined to build good quality luxurious housing for its clients.

8 Hullet Project Information
Name Of Development 8 Hullet
Address 8 Hullet Road, Singapore 229160
District 9
Number Of Units 44 Exclusive Units
Expected TOP Nov-21
Tenure Freehold
Developer Lian Huat Group
Development Type Condominium
Units Mix 1 and 2 bedroom units
Architect A D Lab Private Limited
Main Contractor
Number of Blocks 1 Blocks, 10 Storey
Number of Storeys 12
Gross Floor Area
Site Area 10,733 Sqft
Maximum permissible Gross Floor Area
Est Indicative Selling Price Range S$ 1,700,000 – S$ 2,750,000



Starting PSF


Expected TOP

Starting Price

Starting Size (sqft)


The 8 Hullet building is specifically located in 8 Hullet road and has 12 floors with a total of 44 apartments that overlook a lush green garden which will also be used by its residence as a place of tranquility and enjoyment. The property has sits on 10,733 square feet and the 44 units in the condo have 1 to 4 bedroom units. This is to ensure that families that occupy the apartments can easily and comfortably be able to accommodate growth of their families. And thus the design allows for flexibility in its rooms. The paneling spaces are elegantly arranged to bestow the beauty of the 8 Hullet Orchard road and also provide a magnificent view of the skyline and a wonderful view of the stars during night time. The beauty of Singapore’s green landscape architecture is perfectly captured by the building’s location from sunrise till sunset. So let us go through the amenities and the features that this condo has to offer and see why this building is best so that you can invest in it.
The 8 Hullet Presenting an elegant and modern design here we can observe the . This luxurious part of the building, this is how spacious the rooms are and the paneling accorded to them and has spectacular furnishings.
8 Hullet Swimming Pool Area. The scenic view for which 8 Hullet offers its clients for relaxation

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Compelling Reasons To Invest On 8 Hullet Project Right Now.

Singapore is one of the best places for which to invest in the country. It has one of the best places to invest in because of the city’s desire to go green, this means all buildings are adopting a measure to grow plants along the building giving it a feeling of being in nature at the same time being near modernity.

1.The apartments are Freehold

But that is not an enough reason. Investing in it is a very good decision because of the 8 Hullet freehold that is being offered by the developers. This means that you can own your own apartment. This gives you the freedom of not paying rent every month and can also dispose of it easily of you would want to move out again. The freehold option means you can also customize your own apartment to your liking without having to get permission from anyone.

2. The space that each apartment offers

The 8 Hullet residences are very spacious and offer the freedom of movement without feeling suffocated in your own house. This also means the apartments can very comfortably sit a family with having bedrooms that range from 1 to 4. Therefore it is not an issue when having guests over when it comes to them staying the night. With a square footage of 10,733, this offers buyers much needed space for them to live in comfortably. The rooms are also paneled in that you always have a view of the city whenever you look outside. If you are a person of the stars, then you have a perfect view of them at night. And lastly, they have balconies for which you can get out of the apartment for a while and take a deep breath of air and take in the city as you sip a cup of coffee or tea.

3. The building offers a tranquil environment

8 Hullet has a garden and a pool for which the apartment owners can enjoy and relax in. From the outside the building has plants growing on the side that makes it be part of the environment for which the Singapore government is constantly encouraging, having building plant plants along its side. Therefore from the outside, it gives of the impression that it is a place for which there is peace and quiet. Once inside, the pool and the garden that are located at the back of the building are a place for which you as the owner can relax after a hard and stressful day. The gardens are very green and therefore very safe for which children can also play in and spend time in without in an area you can comfortably view them because of the paneled sides of the building. The building also has a private lift for which you can ride peacefully as you retreat to the peace and comfort of your apartment and met with the impeccable furnishings of the curated selections that will fill up your home as you unwind with your family.

4. It is perfectly located

The building was built in a location in which it offers easy access to its apartments. It is located centrally so that it is not far from the train station thus you can easily catch a train in quick time. The location of the building also is near the city thus there is less time spent on the road. It also gives you the wonderful opportunity to enjoy and experience the urban life of Singapore. The proximity of supermarkets and schools to the building is what makes this building g a wonderful place to live in.

5. There are numerous amenities close to the condominium

The building has amenities that can only be afforded in such areas. It is very close to atleast 3 supermarkets and also near very good schools. Your kids are therefore guaranteed good quality education and at the same time are very close to home in case of an emergency. The supermarkets are close enough so that you will not have to deal with traffic when going to buy some supper or other amenities that can arise in emergencies.

So we have seen why this is good property to invest in but let us dwell deeper into the location and the amenities that the building accords all those who end up buying it.

Ideal for Local and Foreign Investors

With the 8 Hullet 2018 sale that has already began, there have been some very positive 8 Hullet reviews about it. The 8 Hullet property has been seen as a hot piece for the market and because of the location that it is in, it means it attracting a lot of wealthy clients who want to own a part of it. Therefore the more time spent wondering if you will get, it the fewer the apartments are going to be. More and more people are rushing to buy it because they have seen just how amazing the apartments are.

The 8 Hullet Condo Area Location. Here we can observe The 8 Hullet Condominium surrounded by all the amenities nearby. Here we can pinpoint how close hospitals, malls and parks are to the residences.

They have also attracted a number of foreign investors who are coming to see Singapore as a leading destination for property developments and also because of hoe economically stable the country is. Thus more and more people are attracted to Hullet Singapore because of the number of property markets that have opened up within the location.

So the numbers of Hullet available units are becoming less and less and thus you may end up missing a chance at getting them.

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The 8 Hullet: Located Strategically For Ultimate Comfort

The 8 Hullet Condominium is strategically located in a central location that makes it well connected to the shopping malls in the area and also near the MRT. It is situated in such a way that the entrance of the building leads directly to Emerald Hill road which then directly connects to Somerset MRT. This means that the building is just 300m away from Somerset MRT train station which becomes a convenience for those who live near the building. Also a resident can exit the 8 Hullet to turn east which will bring them to Emerald Hill road.

The 8 Hullet Condominium is also short minute walk will take them directly to Orchid road which is opposite the [email protected] Somerset and from there it is just a 1 or 2 minute walk to the MRT station platform. The Paragon shopping mall is just a stone throw away from the station. There are also a number of restaurants and dinners that are close to the building.

The 8 Hullet Condominium Site Area Location. The Location marked in red is where the building is and where it is strategically located.

The amenities near 8 Hullet

With having such a close location, the 8 Hullet condominium offers residence a number of amenities that will meet their needs when they get to live in the building. So let us see what the location offers.

  1. Transport

The building is situated near the MRT station thus makes it easier for users to easily commute through the city without having any issues or delays. It is right next to the CenterPoint which is a shopping mall in the region. The Heeren is a retail shop that offers some of the best youth centric clothes that can be found in District 9. And it was ranked 323 out of 868 attractions in Singapore. The 313 @ Somerset is multi floor mall that has a number of modern international retailers and also has a number of dinning places. It was ranked 97 on trip advisor. Ngee Ann city is also a shopping mall and a commercial center that is located on Orchard road and is often referred to as “taka”. It was ranked 123 on trip advisor. The Cathay Cineleisure Orchard is also another mall but this one is different from the rest because it is also a Cineplex. It was ranked number 476 on trip advisor.

The building is strategically located at the heart of the city

Location of 8 Hullet in comparison to Somerset

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Condos That Are Near To Popular Schools

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A Healthy Lifestyle, Parks And Outdoor Activities

Recreational facilities

The 8 Hullet Condominium is located in an area that is full of a lot of facilities. There is a swimming pool and a kids’ swimming pool to unwind and let the kids have fun in. there is also a barbeque pit for which people can gather together and hang out in a party style outing or gathering for the residents. For the sports lovers, there is a tennis court, a volleyball court and outdoor fitness center and a host of other amenities that residents can be acquainted with when they get to live in 8 Hullet. There is the toddlers’ corner for which parents can leave their young ones without having to worry about their safety and well being. There is a seating corner to which residents cans sit and read a book or chat with other residents and get to know who they are living with. And finally there is a yoga and meditation lawn that offers the right amount of stillness that will help those who practice mediations and those who love yoga. They can also mix the two if they do both of these

Regional center

The building is located within a 500 radius of multiple medical clinics. Thus in case of emergency, there are multiple options for which a resident can choose from. This allows for a lot of flexibility and gives the residents multiple choices from which they can choose from.

Master plan of the Government

The government is planning on making the Orchard district a tourist attraction though they plans have not been made official yet. The Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA) has held a number of events like the Christmas on a Great Street 2017, the Fiesta on a Great Street 2017, Best Dressed Building Contest, and the Samsung Fashion Steps Out plus a host of many others. This will constantly make the city life adventurous and full of life for the residents when it officially becomes a tourist attraction.

Schools Near The 8 Hullet

The Singapore Management University is just train ride from Dhoby Ghaut in Hullet. There are also a number of international schools like the Chatsworth International School, LaSalle College of Arts and the International School Singapore for those who are inclined to send their kids to such schools.

The location of the building is close to some of the best schools there is in district 9. There is the Anglo –Chinese school (Junior) and the St. Margaret’s Primary school which is just within 1km of the school. There is the Anglo – Chinese School (primary), Farrer Park primary School, River Valley Primary School and St. Joseph’s Institution Junior which are just within 2km away.


The building is located within a 500 radius of multiple medical clinics. Thus in case of emergency, there are multiple options for which a resident can choose from. This allows for a lot of flexibility and gives the residents multiple choices from which they can choose from.

Families with elderly do not have to worry about Healthcare as the development is located near to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and Yishun Community Hoapital, which offer a comprehensive range of medical services and specialist care to the community.

Close To Highways And Expressways

With a fully set out map of the location, you can get a clear understanding of how close the 8 Hullet condo is to other amenities and how easy it is to access them. the greenery also shows that the building offers a place for which residents will have a feel for the outdoors without having to even leave the heart of the city.

Shows how easy it is to move from one location to another from 8 Hullet.

The area has experienced a number of other properties being developed and thus showing how much in demand condos are within the region. That is why the Hullet available units a diminishing everyday and as more and more people get to learn about them and more investors get to see know about them, the area is bound to see an increase in the property value.

Condos That Are Near to MRT Stations

Transportation is a big issue when looking for a Condo in Singapore as it is one of the most important aspects people take into consideration.

Downloading this PDF will allow you to get a detailed list of the best condos located at walking distance from MRT stations, this will help you save time both when searching for a condo and when you live in it.

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Site Map Of The 8 Hullet Condominium Project

The 8 Hullet is located extremely well as we have said before, this allows the developers to use this as a compelling reason to attract investors to this project or to future ones.

With a fully set out map of the location, you can get a clear understanding of how close the 8 Hullet condo is to other amenities and how easy it is to access them. the greenery also shows that the building offers a place for which residents will have a feel for the outdoors without having to even leave the heart of the city.

The 8 Hullet Condominium Site Plan. Shows how easy it is to move from one location to another from 8 Hullet.

The floor plan of the 8 Hullet condominium shows just how well spaced the building really is.

8 Hullet Road Condo Floor Plan layout is thoughtfully designed to enhance your living experience and bring more comfort to you and your family. Be amazed by the thoughtful detailed space management and planning which would bring the development to a whole new level in terms of efficiency and luxury. The architecture of the interior and exterior would be very modern looking to match the surrounding buildings.

Experience a new living where have no restraint, choose 8 Hullet Road condo and prepare for many surprises. please take a look at Developer to enjoy the early bird discount, NOW!!! Hurry up!

1 Bedroom

This is the floor plan for the 1 bedroom apartments. Although this type of apartment is smaller than the previous ones, the space distribution is still impressive. The open concept and innovative design can all be seen from this floor map blueprint.

2 Bedroom

This is the floor plan for the 2 bedroom apartments. The space distribution showcased in this floor plan pdf is truly impressive. Architects were able to fit so many features inside a reasonably small space that it makes the apartment feel bigger and fuller.

3 Bedroom

This is the floor plan for the 3 bedroom aparments. Here on this brochure we can observe the space distribution of the 3 Bedroom apartments, we can also see the commodities featured inside each of the apartment of this type. It is marvelous how architecture has advanced so much that they can fit so many features inside a reasonable space.

3 Bedroom

This is the floor plan for the 4 bedroom apartments. In this floor plan pdf we can observe the design and spacing of the 3 bedroom apartments inside the 8 Hullet Towers. This unit showcases a total of 3 bedrooms and a roofless yard to enjoy fresh air even when you are inside your own apartment.

Comprehensive List of Penthouse in Singapore

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The penthouses featured in this PDF are certainly the best, but that doesn’t mean they are the most expensive. With this PDF you will find out which penthouses are really priced at their value. It will help you save time when looking around for penthouses.

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The 8 Hullet showrooms

The 8 Hullet showrooms can on only be viewed if and only if you make an appointment to see the 8 Hullet Showflat. This guarantees the seller that the buyer is willing and committed to buy the house plus also allows you to have your own personalized viewing and not having to share it with another client. This gives you more space and freedom to view the 8 Hullet showflats while at the same price accords you a chance to ask as many personalized questions as you may wish.

It is from making such appointments that you will be told of the 8 Hullet showflat location so that you can view them as you make a decision in whether you will purchase it.

The 8 Hullet Developers

The Lian Huat group, the 8 Hullet Developer, began in 1957 as a trader in Nutmeg and mace. They later capitalized in Singapore’s location to become an international spice trader. In the 1960’s Mr. Kho Beng Kang became known as the Nutmeg King because of how popular he was and how he became synonymous with the product.  But it was in 1965 that they ventured into the real estate market. They did this by taking advantage of Singapore’s urban development and were successful by having visionary policies and foresight and capitalized on investments and real estate development programs. In 1987 they had already amassed over 650,000 square feet in prime residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Lian Huat & Co started as a nutmeg and mace trader in 1957 and later developed to an international trader of spice capitalizing on Singapore’s prominent geographical position and infrastructure with its sophisticated port facilities. By the early-1960’s, its founder, the late Mr. Kho Beng Kang was acknowledged as the “Nutmeg King”.

The growth of the group has led to them to expanding to China and Australia. It is looking into property that has any development opportunities in Brisbane and Anhui in Australia and China respectively.

Lian Huat is proud of having to constantly and consistently deliver on the returns and the quality products to its clients and tenants. The returns for which the group gains is directly proportional to the diligence, determination and dedication of the team. And these returns are very high and are have produced very good results for which the group is able to fund more projects and continue to produce good quality result for its clients. The group is now being led by Mr. Kho Choon Keng and Mr. Patrick Kho Chuan Thye, Mr. Kho Beng Kang’s sons.

8 Hullet units mix

Types No. of Bedrooms Size
No of Units Share Value
(Per unit)
1 2 ( w 1 bath ) 61 657 11 6
2 2 ( w 1 bath ) 62 667 11 6
3 2 ( w 2 bath ) 74 797 11 6
4 1 50 538 11 5
Total : 44

The 8 Hullet: The Luxury Apartment You Can Afford

The 8 Hullet condos for the 3 and 4 bedrooms are not for sale yet but they the 1 and 2 bedrooms are already in sale with the with the 8 Hullet psf being at , for the 1 bedroom the price is at S $ 1,800,000 and for the 2 bedroom it is at S $2,200,000. They have been selling at a pretty fast rate with some being booked as early as 2016. Therefore it is best you get the 8 Hullet brochure to get more information and claim a house before there are non left. The date for which the 8 Hullet sales began was on 31st March 2018. And this is the detailed 8 Hullet price list for the apartments.

The 8 Hullet Price List
Type Size (sqft) Nett Price PSF
1 Bedroom 538 $1,774,324 $3,298
2 Bedroom 657 $2,150,054 $3,273
2BR Premium 797 $2,603,267 $3,266

Easy Payment Schedule Of The 8 Hullet condominium

Payment schedule for 8-Hullet is as follows:

Booking the property & Signing of Sale and Purchase Agreement 

Afrer booking

you will have to pay a 5%booking fee (Cash/ Cheque) and the Option to Purchase (OTP) will be granted.

The “Developer” will then mail the Sale and Purchase (S&P) Agreement to your banker’s solicitor or to you.

3 weeks

After receiving the S&P you will have to check the date in it as you will be given only 3 weeks from that date to proceed with the S&P.

Within 8 weeks

from the day the option money is paid, you will have to pay the remaining 15%.

You can use your CPF to pay for this and any remaining shortfall will be paid for by Cash.

It is very important that you understand and write down this schedule especially if your CPF does not have enough to cover the amount needed to prepare the necessary Cash if it’s necessary to pay a shortfall

Sales Completion Date 

Also you should remember that this amount will depend on your LTV (Loan To Value), e.g. if your LTV is 70% then the balance amount to be paid is 25%, 15% to be paid on exercising day, balance 10% will be paid by progressive stages

(Example foundation work completed).

Stamp Duty (3% less $5,400, Cash/CPF outlay) | Additional Stamp Duty (% of the Purchase Price)

Stamp Duty

Within 14 days of signing the S&P agreement (or within 30 days if the agreement is signed overseas), you will have to pay the Stamp Duty (3%) / Additional Stamp Duty (5% – 15%) (Cash/CPF outlay) to IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore).

Progress Payments using Housing Loan

From this point onwards, you can start using funds from your housing loan, which can be up to 80% of the purchase price.

The tenure of the loan can be up to 30 years, depending on your age. You will have to make payments as follows:

  • 10% upon completion of foundation work (Estimated 6-9 months later from work commencement)
  • 10% upon completion of reinforced concrete framework of unit (Estimated 6-9 months later)
  • 5% upon completion of brick walls of unit (Estimated 3-6 months later)
  • 5% upon completion of roofing and ceiling of unit (Estimated 3-6 months later)
  • 5% upon completion of electrical wiring (without fittings), internal plastering, plumbing and installation of doors and window frames of unit (Estimated 3-6 months later)
  • 5% upon completion of completion of car park, roads and drains serving the housing project (To be advised)
  • 25% upon receiving Notice of Vacant Possession and Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP), and the last 15% upon Completion Date, when you receive your CSC (To be advised).

The Clement Canopy will certainly be one of the most beautifully designed properties in Singapore, featuring incredible looks and environmentally friendly functionality as well as an advantageous location and proximity to transport.

On top of that we can add the caliber of its developers UOL and SingLand which will certainly make sure that the property is as high end as it needs to be to have a place inside their impressive portfolios.

When Clement Canopy is finished it will most likely be a candidate to win an award for design and sustainability as well as for having zero negative impact in its constructions zone, which in turn will increase its market value and help smart investors secure their profit.

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8 HULLET Gallery

The amenities that are close to the 8 Hullet Condos

The entrance to the condos.

The 8 Hullet in the middle and the other amenities surrounding it.

One of the amenities that are found close to the 8 Hullet condominium.

The Paragon marketplace near 8 Hullet.

The Triple One Somerset cold storage near 8 Hullet

The 8 Hullet show room.

This is the backyard of the condominium showcasing the swimming pool and the ambience of the hotel.

Another view of the hotel showing the meditation and yoga lawn.

8 Hullet big balcony area

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