Aamer Architects

by | May 11, 2022

Aamer Architects

Aamer Architects

The Company We Work For

Sculpting Spaces in the Tropics is the philosophy.

Aamer Taher’s designs are noted for their ‘flair and curves,’ their playfulness, and their departure from traditional architectural forms. Or, to put it another way, his architectural ideas and designs are an expression of his personality.

He considers each architectural project to be a work of art, developed after careful consideration of the location, context, and brief. Each design is painstakingly sculpted to fit into the site in a lighthearted manner while adhering to the client’s specification and taking into account cost efficiencies and value generation.

The Firm and Its Founder

Aamer Taher founded his architectural practice, Aamer Architects, in 1994, two years after returning to Singapore from London. He studied architecture at the Architectural Association School of Architecture and worked for a number of businesses, including Michael Hopkins and Associates.

Aamer Taher is a part-time design teacher at the National University of Singapore’s School of Architecture and a former council member of the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) (NUS).

In Singapore, AAMER Architects is a cutting-edge boutique creative architectural business. AAMER provides one-stop professional architectural services, including master planning, interior and landscape design, with a specialized team of architects.

Various residential projects [from good class bungalows to inter-terrace properties], conservation shop houses, restaurants, a private cluster housing development with the “Malay–village” charm and doctors’ clinics in Singapore, high rise developments & bungalows in Malaysia, and others further away in Asia have been sculptured by the Works AAMER.

More of AAMER’s ideas, ranging from hotel developments to an unusual health care project called “St John’s Home for Elderly Persons,” will be realized in the lively Singapore and beyond in the future years. Aamer was engaged in the design of an outstanding golf clubhouse in Guilin, China.

A client previously defined Aamer’s work and architectural style as “haute architecture,” in the sense that they are custom- and tailor-made to each discriminating person…… hence all individually distinct from one another, similar to “haute couture” or “haute cuisine.”

“We are not angular and straight,” Aamer explains. “Nature isn’t straight and angular.”

“Sculpting Spaces in the Tropics: 13 Houses in Aamer Taher’s Design Journey” [2011] is the first book to document Aamer’s major residential projects during a ten-year span. The award-winning Aamer Architects’ design philosophy is extensively captured in this book.

Aamer’s Art Gallery is a gallery dedicated to the work of Aamer.

Aamer Taher takes time to making a variety of art works, including oil paintings, canvas drawings, clay pots, and wall paintings for his customers’ new houses, in addition to his architectural projects. He painted a series of paintings representing artifacts from the past to help St John’s Home for Elderly Persons raise money via an auction.

Design Services & Our Architecture Firm

Creating a natural atmosphere that is conducive

AAMER reinvents tropical residences, restaurants, offices, medical clinics, homes for the aged, condotels, hotels, and bigger commercial high-rise buildings, among other things, with modern forms that are distinctive and relevant to today’s lifestyle aspirations.

Light and darkness from the tropics, as well as openness to the landscape, are reintroduced with intriguing new shapes, fusing the tropical language with modern lines and structure. The “Landmark” building in Penang, for example, is ’tilted’ such that each apartment has wide open views of the sea or mountains. Or the Golf Clubhouse in Guilin, set against the stunning granite backdrop.

We want to ‘draw-in’ our customers by providing inspiration, meeting their needs, and initiating participatory engaging discussions on the many design and construction components of a home, restaurant, or hotel. Create a pleasant and successful working relationship with all project stakeholders, whether large and little, along the process.

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