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What You Should Know About Admiralty Park?

Admiralty Park is the largest public park in Woodlands, the most substantial nature space within an urban park situated on steep terrain with the Sungei Cina river running through it. More than 100 kinds of flora and wildlife can get found in the 20-hectare nature reserve, which includes secondary forest, riverine, mangrove, and open grassland habitats. The Admiralty Park has a variety of play equipment that promotes intergenerational and group interactions. Admiralty Park features grass, an Amphitheater, and an activity plaza. A wheelchair-accessible swing and an inclusive merry-go-round may get found at the junior playfield. Visitors can use the park’s Wi-Fi hotspots in various areas.

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Admiralty Park, which spans 27 hectares, is a national park in Singapore, distinguished by its mountainous landscape structured like a river valley.

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The hilly terrain gets used to build the Admiralty Park playground. With all of the ups and downs, it’s no surprise that the playground has 26 slides! They range in size from small to gigantic, three-story structures! The Junior Play, Adventure Play, and Family Play zones have a range of play equipment appropriate for children of all ages!


There are a plethora of options available to children. There are regular slides, covered slides, and even a noodle bar slide that runs the length of the landscape! The enclosed silver slides from the top of the playground (at least three floors high) are the most spectacular. It’s easy to get in and out because of the metal surface. What’s the conclusion? These are not just for children but also for adventurous mothers and fathers!

Admiralty Park Playground


Sand Play

Around the playground, there are other sand play places. So don’t forget to bring your buckets and spades so the kids may dig! As an added plus, there get covered sections surrounding the sand play area, allowing parents to relax while keeping an eye on their children!

Suitable for All Ages And Abilities!

Junior Play, Adventure Play, and Family Play are the three primary sections of the park. Each one gets designed for a specific age range and level of experience. As part of an effort introduced by NParks in 2015, the playground also includes an inclusive playground. It contains, among other things, a wheelchair-accessible swing.

Admiralty Park

Flying Fox

A flying fox can get found in the park! Head up the main play structure (the one with the silver slides), and it’ll be on your left! Alternatively, merely inquire of one of the children.

Plenty Of Shades and Seats

Another reason enjoys Admiralty Park is that there are plenty of benches and shade for parents to relax and avoid the sun! It allows parents to stay up longer while the kids have a great time!

Admiralty Park Slide

Admiralty Park Directions

Taking the Bus
The Woodlands MRT station is the closest MRT station to Admiralty Park. You may walk 15 minutes to the park or take Bus 903 to Republic Polytechnic and stroll over.

Along Riverside Road, there is a parking garage called Admiralty Park West. You may also park and walk over from Republic Polytechnic.

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