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The Affinity Condominium is a new development with an outstanding design

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Straits Times – 112 Phase I units at Affinity at Serangoon sold

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11/Jun 2018 – #04-27 Sold
11/Jun 2018 – #09-74 Available
11/Jun 2018 – #02-71 Available
11/Jun 2018 – #09-60 Available
11/Jun 2018 – #03-44 Available
11/Jun 2018 – #12-65 Sold
11/Jun 2018 – #07-60 Sold
10/Jun 2018 – #09-03 Sold
10/Jun 2018 – #03-03 Available
10/Jun 2018 – #07-74 Available
10/Jun 2018 – #08-71 Available
10/Jun 2018 – #03-03 Sold
10/Jun 2018 – #09-42 Sold


The Affinity Condominium is a new development with an outstanding design being constructed in Singapore.

Its functionality and beauty is certainly going to rock the real estate market, which has been steadily growing in Singapore since 2016.

April was a success in real estate terms, as the prices went up for resale, and the same is expected for May.

In fact, investment sales might hit a record in 2018. This means that this year is an incredible time for investing in properties.

At this moment there is no better investment than the Affinity Condominium, which has the advantage of being a new project.

Affinity at Serangoon located in District 19 in Singapore; it is a very new property with incredible potential to be the best condo ever made.

Affinity at Serangoon Project Information
Project Name Affinity at Serangoon
Location/Address 10 – 64 Serangoon North Avenue 1
Tenure of Land 99 years leasehold from 18 May 2018
Site Area 27,583.90 m2
Expected Vacant
Vacant Possession: 31 Dec 2024
Legal Completion: 31 Dec 2027
Plot Ratio 2.8
Description of
Facilities Clubhouse, Pavilion, Gym, Aqua Gym, 50m lap pool, Wading pool, Family Pool, Sanctuary pool, BBQ , Dinning pavilion, Pool deck.
Tennis court, Fitness corner, Bicycle parking, Retail shop,
Number of Lifts 2 lifts per tower (total 14 lift), 1 lift to bus stop, 1 lift at clubhouse.
Est Maintenance Fee TBC
Architect DP Architects Pte Ltd
Landscape Ecoplan Asia Pte Ltd
M&E Rankine&Hill (Singapore) Pte Ltd
C&E Engineer KCL Consultants Pte Ltd
Quantity Surveyor Davis Langdon KPK
Main Contractor Lian Beng Construction Ltd
Conveyancing Solicitor Rajah & Tann
Showflat ID Sumisura Asia & Index Design



Starting PSF


Expected TOP

Starting Price

Starting Size (sqft)


Affinity is a 99-year leasehold property which means that it has a long tenure period, making it attractive for numerous investors.

Being a new project, Affinity Condo has the advantage of the “anticipation” which means that since people anticipates it to be great it has to live up to the expectations, which makes the developers put extra effort in the property which in turn generates incredible results.

Affinity at Serangoon TOP date is estimated to be on the final quarter of 2024 when the project is finished.

Affinity At Serangoon is regarded as a mega development and it offers numerous high quality facilities to its residents, many of which are compared to resort facilities.

The luxurious condominium will be composed of 1052 residential units, including 1012 apartments, 40 units of strata houses and 5 units of retails shops.

Affinity showflat target preview will be open at the end of May 2018. Affinity showflat address location is yet to be revealed, so be patient.

Affinity offers good mix of one bedroom apartments and four bedrooms apartments with study are available within the development, which means that there is a lot of variety and room for any type of family.

The newly completed Greenwich V, a brand new retail destination providing fresh shopping and eating alternatives. Affinity at Serangoon Condo has easy access to numerous most important parks in other north-eastern thru the prevailing park connectors, inclusive of Bishan- Ang Mo Kio park thru Ang Mo Kio avenue 5.

Affinity at Serangoon surrounds a wide range of amenities and convenient transport connections. Serangoon will provide citizens higher facilities, more recreational alternatives and improved transport connectivity. The boom of the Serangoon Sub-regional Centre may also bring in new process-opportunities.

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The Cheapest Condos In Singapore

If you want to save time and money while buying a new property in Singapore, you should download this PDF.

Cheapest Condos PDF will allow you to obtain information about the best affordable properties in Singapore.

This PDF also shows you the Condos in a convenient list, so you can look at them individually in a easy way.

Compelling Reasons To Invest On The Affinity Project Right Now.

Nearby Afiinity at Serangoon, there are plenty of Investment opportunities like Seletar Aerospace Park which offers you a chance to invest on the future as the aerospace technology is still in development and getting people to know it is a huge step forward.

You could also invest in the upcoming Punggol Digital District, an opportunity to invest in Digital Technology and development

As you can observe, Affinity’s district 19 has great room for growth, which means that your investment will multiply over time if you invest in this area.

Another aspect that can boost your investment is the convenience, as the residents of Affinity will have access to several MRT stations such as Kovan, Serangoon and Loron Chuang MRT stations, making transportation easier for the homeowners.

Affinity is also close (20 minutes drive) to the Central Business District, City Centre and Orchard Shopping Belt and its residents will have easy access to the rest of the Island because Affinity at Serangoon is connected to the Central Expressway.

Not only Affinity has shopping Centres all around, it also has a huge selection of restaurants and food courts for you to choose from such as Serangoon Garden Market and Food Centre and Serangoon Gardens Country club, as well as a variety of cafés and bakeries.

Because of everything that the district Affinity is located in has to offer, the chance of having a great return on investment is huge.

Plans for the future

Government’s plan

The biggest government infrastructure initiative in the area in the coming years will be the Cross Island Line that will finished by 2030.

Since it’s very likely that there will be a station in the vicinity, the residents of The Affinity will be able to benefit from increased convenience and accessibility to various parts of the island.

As the area is located between the Northern part of Singapore and the CBD, tenant demand is likely to come from those working both in the North and in the CBD.

In addition, the Punggol area which will be transformed into a digital district may offer some contribution in the form of tenant demand.

Affinity Condo Serangoon Master Plan to improve the area around the project which will increase the value of the whole area

But Affinity at Serangoon doesn’t depend only on its districts features. Affinity also has a variety of reasons why you should invest on it as a property.

First of all most units are North-South facing, which means that you or your client won’t be bothered by the morning or afternoon sun shining directly at your window.

This makes the units more attractive to rent as the afternoon sun is often a deterrent agent for the people wanting to rent the apartment.

Affinity also offers an incredible panoramic unblocked landed view for majority of the units, making the views more enjoyable as they are uninterrupted.

Everyone knows that the views of an apartment help sell a lot, meaning that this is a huge asset for the Affinity Project.

Affinity Condo Serangoon Master plan 2013, a plan of the past taking a step into the future.

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Affinity at Serangoon: Located for Maximum Convenience

Affinity at Serangoon is located along Serangoon North Ave 1, District 19, Singapore.

The project has a Large Land size – 1012 units & 40 exclusive strata landed houses including 5 retail shops within the development for added convenience.

Affinity at Serangoon is being developed by a joint venture of Oxley Holdings, SLB Development Limited, Apricot capital and KSH holdings, all great enterprises in the real estate area.

The project is located near numerous amenities such as NEX, myVillage, Serangoon Gardens Market, Chomp Chomp, SRCC, Serangoon Central, Serangoon Community park etc.

It is also within 1km to Rosyth Primary School and Zhonghua Primary School and near to international schools such as Lycee Fracais Singapore and Australian International School.

Affinity’s location also offers good connectivity via major expressways and public transport as well as a 1 year free shuttle bus service to Serangoon MRT Station.

Affinity Condo Location Map to give you an idea of where exactly it is going to be located
Affinity Condo Location Map, showcasing how privileged the location of Affinity is and its advantages regarding transportation by car

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Condos That Are Near To Popular Schools

This PDF is especially useful for people with children and students as it will allow them to find incredible Condo’s located less than 1km from the top schools in Singapore.

This PDF will essentially provide you with a list of the most reliable Condos located near one or several good schools along with organized information. This information will go from location to transportation, which are the main things one looks for when looking for a Condo near a good school.

Affinity’s Attractive Amenities, Comfort at its best

We talked a bit about Affinity at Serangoon amenities before, but we only scratched the surface in order to show you why you should invest in it, now we will show you an in-depth selection of amenities which will honestly surprise you.

Every luxury complex should offer a great array of amenities in various areas such as healthcare, transport, education and outdoor activities in order to be considered a great property.

The more amenities a property has, the more comfortable it is considered. Affinity at Serangoon offers several amenities in each and every single one of these areas.

Affinity Condo Nearby Amenities, food, lifestyle or transportation, Affinity at Serangoon has it all in a short distance
Affinity Condo Nearby Amenities, one more time you are able to see the incredible variety of amenities around Affinity

Transport Of Affinity at Serangoon

The Affinity condo is located very close to a bus stop that has services such as 43, 70, 73, 76, 109, 116 147, 156 among others.

With so many services, there should be no problem moving around various areas of the island using public bus.

In addition to the bus, there may be a MRT station on the Cross Island Line in the vicinity.

Affinity Condo Bus Stop, you can use the public bus to easily move around the island
Affinity Condo 147 Direct Bus To Town Area, it’s even easier to go back home after spending a great day outside
The Cross Island Line will be able to bring people from the East (Changi Airport) to the West (Jurong) with little to no effort, offering you transportation basically across the island.

Once this MRT is finished, residents in The Affinity Condo will have an easier time moving from one side to the other, as they do not need to travel to the other MRT stations such as Kovan, Hougang and Ang Mo Kio which are slightly further.

There’s also an exit to the Central Expressway (CTE) which is only a short drive away.

From there, it will be an approximately 10 min drive either way to town or north towards woodlands.

Affinity Condo a Few Bus Stops Away from Serangun and Ang Mo Kio MRT, transportation was never easier.

Education Facilities

There are numerous schools nearby Affinity at Serangoon and they range from primary all the way to international schools and tertiary schools.

For example, within 1km from Affinity you have Rosyth School and Zhonghua Primary.

Within 2km from the project you have, CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel, Hougang Primary, Montfort Junior, Xinghua Primary, Xinmin Primary, Yangzheng Primary, Yio Chu Kang Primary

Other schools located nearby but not necessarily within 2km are the following.

The secondary schools near Affinity are Serangoon Garden Secondary, Bowen Seconday, Xinmin Secondary School and Peicai Secondary

As we said, the schools vary from primary all the way to the highest education, so Serangoon Junior College is also close to Affinity.

Australian International School is also present representing the international schools. As you can see you have it all, primary, secondary, college or international, you can find it close to the Affinity project.

Affinity Condo Nearby Schools, it doesn’t matter what your children ages are, their education is guaranteed if you invest in Affinity.
Affinity Condo Near Rosyth Primary, One of the Nine Schools That Offers Gifted Education Program
Affinity Condo Within 1Km of Zhonghua Primary School, one of the bests primaries in the area.
Affinity Condo Within 1Km of Rosyth Primary School, for when your children go to school.

Condos That Are Near to MRT Stations

Transportation is a big issue when looking for a Condo in Singapore as it is one of the most important aspects people take into consideration.

Downloading this PDF will allow you to get a detailed list of the best condos located at walking distance from MRT stations, this will help you save time both when searching for a condo and when you live in it.

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Shopping, entertainment, food, drinks etc.

As far as shopping and entertainment goes, we have mentioned quite a few already but we have to give you a very clear idea of what Affinity has to offer.

Affinity at Serangoon is close to several shopping centres such as Heartland Mall at Kovan, Hougang Mall, NEX at Serangoon, Junction 8 at Bishan and Ang Mo Kio Hub.

You can shop at a different place each day of the week; the variety of amenities offered in the Affinity area is incredible.

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Affinity Condo Near to Nex Shopping Mall, options and variety are at your disposal when it comes to shopping
The Clement Canopy Site Plan. Location of every feature of the Clement Canopy project showcasing every commodity the building possesses. The commodities are separated by floor for easy location and better use of spaces.
Affinity Condo Near to Heartland Mall, another incredible option for shopping and walking around any day of the week
Affinity Condo Near Chomp Chomp Food Center, if you enjoy food this is the place where you want to be
Affinity Condo Near to Heartland Mall, another incredible option for shopping and walking around any day of the week
Affinity Condo Walking Distance to MyVillage Mall, you don’t need to travel far for shopping anymore.

Outdoor fitness Amenities

Outdoor activities are certainly needed for a high percentage of people and as such, Affinity is located in the perfect place to satisfy this need.

Nearby sports and outdoor amenities include the Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park, Bishan Stadium, Serangoon stadium and Hougang sports complex.

Affinity Condo Near Serangoon Town, if you want to take a stroll around the town, Affinity offers you the chance to do so

Affinity at Serangoon Site Map, Incredible Location for an Incredible Customer

Little has been shown about Affinity at Serangoon since it’s an extremely new property; in fact, it is expected to be finished in 2022, so there is still time for the developer to finish any ideas they may have.

The site plan map indicated that the total covered area of the property equals 296,913 sq ft, which is placed on a triangular shaped land piece.

The Affinity Project will consist of 1012 units, 40 units of strata landed house and 5 commercial units, all carefully placed around the triangular shaped land to provide the perfect harmony and spacing between the buildings.

Affinity at Serangoon Unit mix

Affinity at Serangoon Unit Mix
Unit Type Est Size Range (sqft) Total units
1 Bedroom 474-560 186
1+1 Bedroom 538-689 202
2 Bedroom 635 7
2 Bedroom + 1 624 91
2 Bedroom Premium 753-775 28
2 Bedroom + 1 Premium 732-775 112
3 Bedroom 850-1012 170
3 Bedroom Deluxe 1152-1259 109
3 Bedroom Premium 1076-1249 55
4 Bedroom +1 1410-1711 42
4 Bedroom Penthouse 1582-1722 5
4 Bedroom +1 Penthouse 1550 5
Strata landed – 4 Bedroom 2067-2088 13
Strata landed – 5 Bedroom 2303-2357 27
Total 1052

Affinity Condo’s floor plans, beauty drawn on paper

The Affinity condo floor plans are one of the most basic factors that buyers should keep in mind before buying a property.

Knowing what exactly you are buying, whether it is completed or under construction is incredibly important when making the decision.

The floor plans of Affinity of Serangoon might come handy for when you try to study the project as it offers very detailed information about each apartment.

Every drawing of each apartment with detailed info can be located at the Affinity at Serangoon floor plan PDF.

Affinity Condo Unit Mix Estimated Size, there’s a unit for everyone.

1 Bedroom + Study

Affinity Condo 1 Bedroom + Study Floor Plan, perfect for you to visualize where you want to locate your furniture

1 Bedroom + Study

Affinity Condo 1 Bedroom + Study Floor Plan, here the drawings showcase how well organized and distributed the space is, even if it’s only an 1 bedroom apartment

1 Bedroom

Affinity Condo 1 Bedroom Floor Plan, for single people that know what they want in life

2 Bedroom + Study

Affinity Condo 2 Bedroom + Study Floor Plan, equally luxurious with an extra room enough for you to fit a small office or a game room, you decide

2 Bedroom

Affinity Condo 1 Bedroom Floor Plan, for single people that know what they want in life

2 Bedroom Premium + Study

Affinity Condo 2 Bedroom + Study Floor Plan, equally luxurious with an extra room enough for you to fit a small office or a game room, you decide

3 Bedroom

Affinity Condo 1 Bedroom Floor Plan, for single people that know what they want in life

3 Bedroom Deluxe

Affinity Condo 3 Bedroom Deluxe Floor Plan, if you know what the word Deluxe means, the you know that this unit is the definition of it

3 Bedroom Premium

Affinity Condo 3 Bedroom Premium Floor Plans, if you are still not convinced to invest, watching this floor plans will certainly convince you to do so.

4 Bedroom

Affinity Condo 2 Bedroom + Study Floor Plan, equally luxurious with an extra room enough for you to fit a small office or a game room, you decide

4 Bedroom Premium + Study

Affinity Condo 3 Bedroom Premium Floor Plans, if you are still not convinced to invest, watching this floor plans will certainly convince you to do so.

4 Bedroom

Affinity Residences 4 Bedroom Premium + Study Floor Plan, distribution of space and design working together incredibly well to give you a great experience every time you are in your unit.

5 Bedroom

Affinity Condominium Strata Landed 5 Bedroom Floor Plan, space and comfort all in the same room; you can check every detail in the drawings.

Comprehensive List of Penthouse in Singapore

Downloading this PDF will allow you to get the best deals in the most luxurious and extravagant penthouses in Singapore.

The penthouses featured in this PDF are certainly the best, but that doesn’t mean they are the most expensive. With this PDF you will find out which penthouses are really priced at their value. It will help you save time when looking around for penthouses.

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Affinity at Serangoon Mastermind Developers

Oxley Holdings

Oxley is a homegrown property developer and is principally engaged in the business of property development and property investment, with an overseas presence across eight geographical markets.

This developer has a diversified portfolio with property development projects in Singapore, the UK, Cambodia, Malaysia, Ireland, Indonesia and China and investment projects in Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia and Japan.

They also provide project management and consultancy services in Myanmar as a way to diversify.

Oxley’s property development portfolio includes quality residential, commercial and industrial projects incorporated with retail elements and lifestyle features and facilities.

Their projects are mostly located in choice areas that are easily accessible.

In 2013, Oxley expanded its property development portfolio into other countries through partnerships with reputable developers and business partners.

Oxley’s balanced portfolio of investment properties comprises industrial, hospitality and commercial properties.

Oxley Holdings Limited (“Oxley” or “the Group”) is a home-grown Singaporean property developer. Oxley is principally engaged in the business of property development and property investment. Since its inception, the Group’s accelerated growth has resulted in a burgeoning presence both locally and overseas. It now has a presence across twelve geographical markets.

Lian Beng Group

Lian Beng Group established in 1973, is one of Singapore’s major home-grown building construction groups with integrated civil engineering and construction support service capabilities.

They are principally involved in the construction of residential, industrial and commercial projects, and civil engineering projects as a main contractor.

Lian Beng’s status with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) as an A1 grade contractor in General Building enables it to tender for public sector building projects of unlimited contract value, while its A2 grade in Civil Engineering allows it to handle engineering projects of up to $85 million in contract value.

Through its years of experience and solid track record, Lian Beng has also established for itself a solid reputation for its ability to handle large-scale and complex projects.

Lian Beng Group also engages in other construction related activities.

These include the provision scaffolding and engineering services, supply of ready-mix concrete, leasing of equipment and machinery, reinforcement bar fabrication and training of foreign construction labor.

KSH Holdings Limited

KSH Holdings Limited is a well-established Construction, Property Development and Property Investment group that was incorporated in 1979 and has been listed on the Mainboard of the SGX-ST since February 8, 2007.

KSH is also an A1-graded contractor under BCA CW01, with the ability to tender for Public Sector Construction projects of unlimited value, and is a main contractor for both the public and private sectors in Singapore.

KSH Holdings also has an A2 grade under BCA’s CW02 category for civil engineering, allowing them to develop Public Sector projects for values of up to $85 million.

KSH has an established track record of handling construction projects across a broad spectrum of industries, and its projects have performed well in CONQUAS, a standard assessment system on the quality of building projects.

KSH has won several BCA Construction Excellence Awards including that for Fullerton Bay Hotel and NUS University Town’s Education Resource Centre in 2013 and Madison Residences in 2014.

Through strategic alliances and joint ventures, KSH’s property development and investment presence spans across various real estate sectors including residential, commercial, hospitality, and mixed-use developments.

Apart from having successfully executed residential and mixed-use development projects in Singapore and China it has jointly acquired properties in other geographies including the United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia and Japan.

Apricot Capital

 Apricot Capital is a seed stage investment firm based in Boston and Toronto.

Apricot was founded in 2010 by partners Peter Wernau and Jennifer Lum; colleagues of many years interested in investing in smart entrepreneurs and sharing their combined financial and operational expertise.

Apricot invests in early-stage technology companies in the US and Canada, some part in Asia.

Affinity At Serangoon Price list
Type Size (sqft) Nett Price PSF
1 Bedroom 474 $700,000 $1,477
1 Bedroom + S 614 $917,000 $1,493
2 Br+S 624 $878,000 $1,407
2P 753 $1,137,000 $1,510
2P+S 732 $1,128,000 $1,541
3BR 904 $1,394,000 $1,542
3BRP 1076 $1,574,000 $1,463

Easy Payment Schedule Of Affinity Condo

Payment schedule for The Clement Canopy is as follows:

Booking the property & Signing of Sale and Purchase Agreement 

Afrer booking

you will have to pay a 5%booking fee (Cash/ Cheque) and the Option to Purchase (OTP) will be granted.

The “Developer” will then mail the Sale and Purchase (S&P) Agreement to your banker’s solicitor or to you.

3 weeks

After receiving the S&P you will have to check the date in it as you will be given only 3 weeks from that date to proceed with the S&P.

Within 8 weeks

from the day the option money is paid, you will have to pay the remaining 15%.

You can use your CPF to pay for this and any remaining shortfall will be paid for by Cash.

It is very important that you understand and write down this schedule especially if your CPF does not have enough to cover the amount needed to prepare the necessary Cash if it’s necessary to pay a shortfall

Sales Completion Date 

Also you should remember that this amount will depend on your LTV (Loan To Value), e.g. if your LTV is 70% then the balance amount to be paid is 25%, 15% to be paid on exercising day, balance 10% will be paid by progressive stages

(Example foundation work completed).

Stamp Duty (3% less $5,400, Cash/CPF outlay) | Additional Stamp Duty (% of the Purchase Price)

Stamp Duty

Within 14 days of signing the S&P agreement (or within 30 days if the agreement is signed overseas), you will have to pay the Stamp Duty (3%) / Additional Stamp Duty (5% – 15%) (Cash/CPF outlay) to IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore).

Progress Payments using Housing Loan

From this point onwards, you can start using funds from your housing loan, which can be up to 80% of the purchase price.

The tenure of the loan can be up to 30 years, depending on your age. You will have to make payments as follows:

  • 10% upon completion of foundation work (Estimated 6-9 months later from work commencement)
  • 10% upon completion of reinforced concrete framework of unit (Estimated 6-9 months later)
  • 5% upon completion of brick walls of unit (Estimated 3-6 months later)
  • 5% upon completion of roofing and ceiling of unit (Estimated 3-6 months later)
  • 5% upon completion of electrical wiring (without fittings), internal plastering, plumbing and installation of doors and window frames of unit (Estimated 3-6 months later)
  • 5% upon completion of completion of car park, roads and drains serving the housing project (To be advised)
  • 25% upon receiving Notice of Vacant Possession and Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP), and the last 15% upon Completion Date, when you receive your CSC (To be advised).

The Clement Canopy will certainly be one of the most beautifully designed properties in Singapore, featuring incredible looks and environmentally friendly functionality as well as an advantageous location and proximity to transport.

On top of that we can add the caliber of its developers UOL and SingLand which will certainly make sure that the property is as high end as it needs to be to have a place inside their impressive portfolios.

When Clement Canopy is finished it will most likely be a candidate to win an award for design and sustainability as well as for having zero negative impact in its constructions zone, which in turn will increase its market value and help smart investors secure their profit.

Affinity at Serangoon Gallery

Affinity Swimming pool with hammocks, beauty and comfort mixed together.

Affinity Condos Pool Side Dinning, a space for when you just want to relax while you eat

Affinity Condo in Singapore Night View, beautiful design even when it’s dark outside

Affinity Condo New Launch, a display of what Affinity at Serangoon is going to look like once it’s finished

Affinity Condo Gym Night View, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to train in a gym like that in an area like that?

Affinity Condo in Singapore Night View, beautiful design even when it’s dark outside

Affinity Condo Landed Design, whether it’s on the sky or on land, Affinity at Serangoon offers you beautiful designs and incredible comfort.

Affinity Condo Aerial View, a sneak peek of the project seen from the sky showcasing its triangular shaped land area

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