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Agape Methodist Church

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Everything you need to know about the Agape Methodist Church

In the 1980s, there was a desire to reach out to the Mandarin-speaking working class in our society. The dedicated team of the Grassroots Ministry started speaking with the Lengkok Bahru, Commonwealth region, based paper box company. The ministry expanded by 1993 to become a Chinese Ministry, which took the name Jurong Preaching Point (JPP). To cast a large net to serve and spread God’s love among the underprivileged in Jurong, the Lakeside Family Centre, a social arm of FMC, teamed up with JPP. The Golden Village @ Jurong Point gets chosen as the location for JPP Sunday services in December 1998. JPP then developed and expanded to become a “local church” about seven years later. According to the Bible, seven is a symbol of perfection. God’s timing was flawless in every way. The 20th Local Conference (Church) of the Trinity Annual Conference of The Methodist Church in Singapore get comprised by the Agape Methodist Church in December 2005. On this day, a Methodist church also left its first imprint on the Jurong soil.


Small Groups:

Our Small Groups are closer-knit groups within the church that regularly meet to support one another in becoming more like Christ. They get required to participate in Agape Methodist Church activities because they are necessary to the church’s existence. A small group’s activities could include fellowship, worship, participating in Bible studies that are pertinent to members’ issues and challenges, outreach, and volunteer work. Beyond that, it serves as the location for getting support and encouragement as members pray for and encourage one another.

Worship & Music:

Through songs, hymns, praise, and psalms, we hope to create lasting bonds between Jesus and His disciples for God’s holiness to permeate every aspect of human life. The ministry’s mission is to communicate beliefs and attributes of God via worship to mold attitudes, encourage conduct, and build faith within the body of Christ.

Youth Ministry:

The part of the church that focuses on youth is called Agape Youth Ministry (AYM). We mentor and teach our young people, who range in age from 13 to 21 years old, how to know and understand God and develop and mature in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Children’s Ministry:

Through our Children’s Ministry, we hope to assist young children in developing their first impressions of God. They will embark on a journey of enjoyable activities as they learn about God through stories from the Bible, object lessons, games, and crafts, to mention a few. We want children to cherish His Word and have a sense of belonging in a small group. 

Services On Sunday:

Come and worship with us each Sunday as we share God’s word and fellowship.

  • Mandarin Service at 9 am.
  • English Service at 11 am.
  • The children’s department begins at 11:00 am in Hall 2 of The Agape.
  • The first and third Sundays of each month at 11 am in Hall 3, Level 2 of The Agape.

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