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All you need to know about the Aldersgate Methodist Church

All Methodists are aware of The Aldersgate Experience, which refers to their founder John Wesley’s touching encounter on May 24, 1738, at Aldersgate Street in London. A series of one-sheet flyers were distributed to church members over 13 Sundays starting on February 1 in the three months leading up to the 30th Anniversary of Aldersgate Methodist Church on Sunday, May 3, 2009. The “The Aldersgate Experience” series uses images and bite-sized videos to illustrate the history of our Aldersgate Methodist Church. It demonstrates the strength and grace of God, who has guided our spiritual journey since Aldersgate Methodist Church get established as a local conference on Sunday, May 6, 1979. We were attending services in a former British Army church on Portsdown Road at the time, which went by the name of Clementi Methodist Church. You can ask our church librarian for a copy of “A Journey of Faith” to study an in-depth history of Aldersgate Methodist Church. It contains the whole history of the 13 flyers and represents the conclusion of the numerous efforts made by our Archives Committee to mark the 30th Anniversary of our Church.


Cell Groups:

A cell group ministry exists within the church to foster the development of small group communities. We get commanded to emulate God’s relationship pattern to relate to one another in close communion, just as God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit do. The Holy Spirit operates and makes Jesus Christ known in communities.A tiny classroom, dining table, or living room can create a dynamic, intimate group. Aldersgate Methodist Church enables us to consider, discuss, and act upon God’s Word as it gets presented in weekly sermons. Additionally, it inspires us to live as a community under the leadership of Jesus Christ.

Marriage service:

A solid foundation is necessary for a successful marriage, which requires dedication, effort, and reliance on God for wisdom over time. There is something unique about our seven-weekend-long marriage preparation course. Each participating couple gets paired with a mentoring couple who has agreed to provide one year of “service warranty” following their wedding. Additionally, the mentors will use the Prepare-Enrich Instrument to take each couple through the process. Each training session during the seven weekends of the course comprised two components. Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS), developed by relationship experts Doctors Les and Leslie Parrot, provided the resources for the first section. The second portion of each session featured themes regarding money management, sexuality, communication, and conflict resolution discussions that further improved the couple’s relationships with God, their parents, and their in-laws. 


A person’s life may be disturbed and even traumatized by the death of a loved one. We want to work with you to help you arrange funerals and wakes by giving you advice on what to do after a loved one has recently died away. Assisting your family with prayer and spiritual support as you navigate the funeral.


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