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Alexandra Retail Centre

Alexandra Retail Centre

Foods You Can Eat In Alexandra Retail Centre

The PSA Building’s renovated podium, Alexandra Retail Centre (ARC), provides residents and workers with facilities and convenient shopping. The three-story shopping centre also has a variety of lifestyle and retail tenants in addition to dining establishments and convenience stores. The Alexandra Retail Centre compliment the amenities centre in Mapletree Business City and surrounded by offices, schools, and homes. A covered bridge connects it to the Circle Line’s Labrador Park MRT station ease.

Korean Tofu House SBCD

SBCD Korean Tofu House presents the best of its mouthwatering traditional Korean soft tofu stew to preserve its commitment to offering uplifting and comprehensive meals. The word “soon” in the “soontofu” refers to soft SBCD specialises in various Korean tofu soups. Every Soontofu dish produces with tender, silky tofu that is hand-crafted from specially imported Paju, South Korea, soybeans day in the SBCD kitchen. Customers return for more because of the soup broth’s secret 10-ingredient recipe. L.A. Galbi, Spicy Grilled Chicken, and many more popular Korean meat dishes are also popular in Alexandra Retail Centre.

Alexandra Retail Centre Interior 

The Green Bar

They able to develop their very own collection of fresh, delectable, well-crafted gourmet superfood salad recipes through years of experimentation with flavorful salad components and combinations. Consider roasted kale with sea salt, freshly roasted pumpkins with rosemary, house-seared tuna tataki, and baked Norwegian salmon. The finer points do matter.


The flavour and appearance of modern Lanzhou noodles are unchanged from those of the Qin dynasty, despite thousands of years of evolution. They invent by the traditional craftsmen known as “Shifu,” who learned how to knead, fold, and pull wheat flour to create noodles with a distinctive flavour and excellent quality. These customs are still present and thriving at Nuodle. Be careful to gaze through the open window as you enter to observe the age-old technique of master noodle manufacturing in action. Then, enjoy a bowl of yellow noodle bliss created especially for you while you witness history written.

Alexandra Retail Centre Cafe

Peramakan Tingkat

The Peranakan culture, which has origins that go back to the 15th century, has long been an inspiration and influence in Southeast Asia and is now one of the region’s most well-known culinary traditions. PeraMakan is honoured to contribute to this cultural legacy. A fourth-generation Nyonya woman passion promoting and conserving the Peranakan culinary tradition launched PeraMakan in October 2004. The foundation of PeraMakan is the idea that Nyonya food from home should be prepared and served with care. PeraMakan hence didn’t use any processed food from the start. We produced a wide range of spice pastes from scratch and cooked until they were fragrant.

Ramen Tenji

Ramen Tenji, which debuted in 2010, combines a rich cultural legacy with traditional Japanese cuisine in a single bowl of soup. Each bowl of hearty soup is a warming symphony of fresh ingredients prepared carefully according to an old recipe. Each type of noodle designed for its distinctive soup base, and each stunningly simple soup conceals a very intricate broth-brewing procedure.

A lot of work went into making each bowl of the comforting dinner. Bowl made with a lot of love to give you a taste of Japanese culinary tradition. Ramen Tenji takes pride in standing out from other ramen shops.

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