Aljunied MRT

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Aljunied MRT

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All about the Aljunied MRT Station Singapore

Aljunied MRT Station is an above-ground MRT station on Singapore’s East-West Line (EWL) near Geylang. This station, named after Aljunied Road, primarily serves Aljunied MRT. One of the sub-zones that comprise the Geylang planning area. It is on the EWL between Paya Lebar and Kallang stations. The station facade has the unusual domed segmented roof featured on other elevated EWL stations.

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On November 4, 1989, opening the station was part of the MRT East Line expansion to Tanah Merah Station. 


On November 15, 1985, delivering the agreement for the development of the Aljunied MRT station and accompanying viaducts to Lee Kim Tah Ltd for a fee of S$59.52 million. For the development, the contractor collaborated with the French group Societe Generale D’Entreprises Sainrapt Et Brice (SGE). The agreement also includes the construction of the Kallang and Paya Lebar stations. The station opened earlier than expected on November 4, 1989.

On June 26, 2009, at around 7:25Template: Nbsppm, train services along the East-West line were stopped for over 18 minutes when a person leaped from the platform and rushed toward Paya Lebar station.

The SMRT team of employees, on the other hand, was no longer impacted by the man’s location. The Chinese man in his 40 made his way down the rails to the road before being arrested by authorities. He suffered leg injuries and accusing attempted suicide.

As part of measures to improve regular accessibility of public transportation, elevators have been installed on the overhead pedestrian bridge near Aljunied and other stations to improve barrier-free access to prime distribution nodes. They gradually installed the elevator at the beginning of the first quarter of 2013. Aljunied station was also the first of eleven stations to have additional bicycle parking facilities. Efn is a template found beneath the 2010 National Cycling Plan.

Station Specifics:


The station connects the EWL stations of Paya Lebar and Kallang. The transmitter is active between morning 5:48 and 6:14. Sundays and public holidays) and 12:20 p.m. Template: Nbspam. During the line’s early shutdown, late opening, and complete closure from January 5 to February 4, 2018, Aljunied served as the interim terminal for train services from Joo Koon Station.


Aljunied station has a domed ceiling segmented like a caterpillar above platform level like other EWL’s elevated stations on the eastern half line (after Kallang station). MRT Corporation (MRTC) attempted to give EWL’s stations a “cool appearance” with the design.


The station features a ticket hall on the ground floor. It features loading doors for scheduled load distribution and access between the payment sections rather than the station, with at least one bi-directional folding door to help passengers in wheelchairs, carry large products, or travel with strollers. General ticket machines enable employees to buy tickets for one or more trips and, in conjunction with TransitLink value-added devices, provide contactless card exchange. The station office serves as the Passenger Service Center, where suburban trip requests can make during business hours. This station also has a TransitLink ticket office, which is open from 12:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. every day except on public holidays.

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