Anchorvale Community Club

Anchorvale Community Club

Guide About Anchorvale Community Club Singapore

The Anchorvale CC is the first community center to share space with a sports and recreation facility located on the east bank of the Punggol River. Just behind the structure, there is also a floating island.

Residents can choose to enroll in a course at the Anchorvale Community Club or use the facilities, which include a multi-media room, multi-purpose hall, and home craft room. They can also enjoy a distinctive dining experience next to the picturesque Punggol River or take an educational walk to the Sengkang Riverside Park via the link bridges that connect both banks of the Punggol River.

The Anchorvale Community Club received the Universal Design Gold Award in 2009 for being safe and accessible, promoting community interaction between people of different demographics, especially the elderly, children, and the disabled. It was also given the Green Mark Award by the Building and Construction Authority in 2007 in recognition of its achievements in good environmental performance for buildings.


  • Multi-Purpose Hall
  • Multi-Purpose Area
  • Badminton Court

Current Operating Hours

Community Centers/Clubs (CCs)

Services: 10 am to 10 pm

Counter Hours: 10 am to 6 pm

On public holidays, closed.

Void Deck CCs

Services: 2 pm to 10 pm

Counter Hours: 2 pm – 6 pm

Closed on public holidays

Interest Groups

Zuma Fitness

Are you ready to have a good time while getting in shape? That is precisely the focus of the Zumba program. It is a calorie-burning dancing exercise party thrilling, efficient, simple to follow, and Latin-inspired. Millions of people are being led toward happiness and health by it.

Introduction to Electronics and Arduino

It serves as an introduction to electronics and the Arduino Open-Source Electronic Platform through practical design and experimentation. Through the use of the Arduino Board and its Integrated Design Environment (IDE), students will have the opportunity to innovate, design, and implement projects in class. It will help them to understand fundamental electronic concepts, how to program software, and how to integrate hardware and software.

Abacus Mental-Arithmetic in Chinese (Advance Stage 4)

Participants will learn how to perform more challenging sums using the abacus and “Mental Abacus.” The course syllabus will be modified by how the class is doing and at what level.

Sign Language for Communication (Level 1)

SgSL, or Singapore Sign Language, is widely used in Singapore’s Deaf community. SgSL has regional signs, American sign language, Signing Exact English, and Shanghainese sign language. Change the name of Sign Language for Communication to Sign Language for Communication Level 1. The course comprises nine lectures on the Deaf community, language, and culture to increase participants’ awareness and 9-practice sessions for signing. 

The course, which has ten weekly sessions, teaches vocabulary for communication with hearing and Deaf signers in the Deaf population of Singapore. The 10th session of Sign language for Communication Level 1 will include a brief test. Alfred Yeo Chi Jin and Kelvin Goh Jwee How will teach Sign Language for Communication Level 1. After passing the test and receiving their attendance certificates, participants can anticipate moving on to Sign Language for Communication Level 2.

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