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Guide to Know About Anderson Serangoon Junior College

Anderson Serangoon Junior College (ASRJC) is a junior college in Yio Chu Kang, Singapore, located directly across from the Yio Chu Kang MRT station. It offers two-year pre-university programs culminating in the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Advanced Level examinations. Anderson Junior College (AJC) and Serangoon Junior College (SRJC) merged in 2019, forming ANDERSON SERANGOON JUNIOR COLLEGE.

The Elementz Lab, the MOE North Zone Centre of Excellence for Science, and the Makers Lab are all in ASRJC. The college sponsors the annual Elementz International Science Research Conference and Exhibition, which honors students from secondary schools (upper secondary levels) and junior colleges who have undertaken scientific research and wish to present their findings.

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Anderson Serangoon Junior College gets established in 2019, and Manogaran Suppiah was the school’s first principal. The Campus consists of 13 buildings.


Languages, Humanities & the Arts, and Mathematics & Sciences are the three fields students will learn from ANDERSON SERANGOON JUNIOR COLLEGE. A Humanities/Arts student will take at least one subject from the Math and Science fields, and vice versa.

Special Program

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Programme

As the North Zone Centre of Excellence (NZ COE) for Science, ASRJC is committed to leading STEM-related research, development, and education among North Zone schools and giving students the STEM skills they need to become “Imaginative Thinkers, Caring Leaders.” Through student-driven collaborative projects, STEM workshops, and external lab or industry attachment, our specialist PlayPn Makerspace Lab, Elementz Lab, and a committee of teacher mentors support the multidisciplinary development of STEAM education.

23rd International Elementz Fair

STEAM education at ASRJC is interdisciplinary and collaborative, preparing students for real-world problems and lifelong learning. This year, the institution will host its first STEAM Conference, highlighting the merger of Arts and Sciences and the gathering of varied viewpoints to generate new ways to see the world.

Leadership Development

ASRJC’s Leadership Development Program develops skills, competencies, and the Heart of a Leader, or leaders who aspire to be the best version of themselves so that others can be the best version of themselves. The ASRJC Student Leader gets developed through a developmental curriculum that includes milestone programs such as the Student Leadership Camp, Leadership Symposia, and Conferences and testing along various leadership pathways that allow each leader to develop a sphere of influence within them. For example, Invested Student Leaders guide their classrooms, CCAs, Houses, and the entire student population. There are also Student Planning Committees for College Events, which allow young leaders to envision and bring celebrations of College spirit to life.

Co-Curricular Programs

ASRJC’s artistic and athletic skills contribute significantly to the college’s liveliness and high standards of excellence. The college’s music, dance, and drama organizations have been a driving force in music, dance, and theatre scenes, bringing together students passionate about the arts and providing them with numerous performance opportunities on and off-campus. Several of these performing arts CCAs have also won significant contests both locally and internationally. The high school sports teams compete at the highest level, frequently winning or competing for top honors in the JC arena.

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