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Want To Know About Ang Mo Kio Tamil Methodist Church?

The church was founded in the 1970s and established in 1989, made up of Singaporeans who speak Tamil and expats from Malaysia, India, and Sri Lanka who serve as one big family. The  Ang Mo Kio Tamil Methodist Church has withstood the test of time and keeps achieving its goal of meeting the spiritual needs of Singapore’s Tamil-speaking community.

One of the eight neighbourhood Methodist churches that make up the Emmanuel Tamil Annual Conference in Singapore is the Ang Mo Kio Tamil Methodist Church (AMKTMC). The Church was established in 1980 by Bishop Kao Jih Chung after a modest beginning in the 1970s to address the need for Tamil worship in the Ang Mo Kio and Bishan areas.


Methodism is a laity movement that works closely with clergy to carry out ministry and lead the Church.  Ang Mo Kio Tamil Methodist Church Laity needed for daily ministry in the community, at home, and work. Proclaiming the good news and lovingly reaching out to people are the main priorities. Providing consolation to one another broadens the scope of the minister’s awareness within the congregation and enables the community to serve Christ well. The needs ministry regularly reviewed with the pastor, and together, they worked for the benefit of the members of the Church and carried out for the Lord’s glory.

Evangelism (Organisation of Indian Brothers)

Indian foreign workers live and work in Singapore actively targeted by the Fellowship of Indian Brothers (FIB) ministry. The goal of this ministry is to share the gospel with these international workers and give them a place to express their emotions because they would otherwise have to endure difficult living and working situations. The group of church volunteers that support our ministry are from our congregation.

English-speaking classes

Our main project for this ministry is “Spoken English Classes,” are held every Sunday from 7 to 9 PM. The goal programme is to assist the Indian brothers in using English in their daily lives in Singapore. By participating in hands-on activities like role-playing and written assessments, the emphasis on developing the students’ foundation (grammar and vocabulary) assists them in applying the concepts. The brothers take a break from their usual lessons every three months to engage in indoor activities led by our volunteers. Additionally, plans for dinner and transportation arranged.

Inmate Ministry

To aid the prisoners with their reformation journey, evangelism representatives frequently visit Singapore Prison in A1 (HU3) – Tanah Merah / Changi.

Community evangelism

To reach out to the kids in the neighbourhood church offers guitar lessons on alternate Saturdays. The guitar lessons provided members of our Church and very cheaply priced.

Visits to hospitals

Hospital visits are also planned by the church evangelism team once every three months. This ministry’s goal is to pay hospital visits to the sick and poor, hear about their experiences, and pray for them.

Formation & Nurture

We continually stress in our Church how important it is for every member to establish a close relationship with Jesus. The secret to growing in Christ is via a study of His Word. The Discipleship and Nurture committee hosts Bible studies every Sunday at noon at AMKTMC to promote Bible study among church members. In these seminars, Bible professors present the Word of God to adults.

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