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Know About the Anglo-Chinese Junior College Curriculum

ACJC is one of the ACS Family of Schools’ seven educational institutions. The Methodist missionary William Fitzjames Oldham built the Anglo-Chinese School because he saw the value of education in improving people’s lives and molding society. The Anglo-Chinese Junior College has offered all pupils a holistic education of the highest quality based on Christian principles since its founding in 1886.

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The Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) in Singapore, which first opened its doors in 1977, offers a two-year pre-university program.


The Ministry of Education offers Elective Programs to students who excel in specific topics, allowing them to develop their skills and give future leaders in these industries. Anglo-Chinese Junior College is a Program Centre for three electives: drama, English language, and music, in honor of the quality of its teaching and learning programs.

General Science Research Education program

The General Science Research Education program of the ACJC Science Excellence program began in 2011. Its goal is to improve our student researchers’ knowledge of research methodology, ethics, scientific writing, and poster presentation. The following research programs are open to ACJC Science students who meet the criteria:

  • Nanyang Research Programme (NRP)
  • Science Research Programme (SRP)
  • A*STAR Science Award (JC) – Research Attachment Programme (RAP)
  • Local Student Attachment Programme (LSAP)
  • Overseas Student Attachment Programme (OSAP)

Humanities Scholarship Programme

The Anglo-Chinese Junior College gets dedicated to providing a Humanities Program; they have a long history of producing MOE Humanities Scholars and a tradition of excellence in English Literature, Language, and the Arts. They get named the West Zone Centre for Excellence in Language Arts in honor of this dedication.

They are also an official center for three MOE elective programs: Drama Elective, Music Elective, and English Language Elective.

Scholar Development Programme

They assist students in realizing their best potential. Early on, high-achieving pupils are discovered and accepted into the program. They are paired with teacher mentors to help them maximize their chances of receiving scholarships and acceptance to elite universities locally and internationally. Interview abilities, portfolio-building skills, and university application essay writing provides learners with a competitive advantage.

Character Education

Anglo-Chinese Junior College’s character education program depends on the College goal of “Noble Ambition and Character, for the Service of God and Nation.” As a result, the College is committed to developing students of good character who embody the College’s core values of integrity, tenacity, and passion.

Character education gets approached on two levels in the ACJC’s character development framework, based on Thomas Lickona’s theoretical paradigm. Every teacher is a role model in the classroom, instilling values and social-emotional skills through academics and CCP lessons (or life skills lessons).

Co-Curricular Programs

CCAs at ACJC are where you can further your education outside of the classroom. It’s where you can share your passions and interests with other ACSians. Sports, cultural activities, clubs and societies, the military, Uniformed Youth Organizations (UYOs), and college house activities are just a few examples. CCA provides opportunities for students to build leadership skills, nurture their talents and skills, cultivate solid values and attitudes, and participate in healthy leisure activities.

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