Architects 61 Pte Ltd

by | May 19, 2022

Architects 61 Pte Ltd

Architects 61 Private Limited 1


Bringing tangible value to every project

We are positioned to solve difficult project issues from idea to completion, using our considerable experience on complex projects, innovative thinking, and collaborative approach to harness skills and talents across many disciplines. Even as we expand our regional footprint, our concentration remains on the architectural discipline and Singapore, enabling us to offer each endeavor our undivided attention.

Tay Lee Soon and Yang Soo Suan, who both graduated from Melbourne University in 1961, formed architects 61 in 1974 as a partnership. The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) was established in 1974 to rehabilitate the city’s core region. Architects 61 got more engaged in large-scale, complicated projects after the formation of URA, with a concentration on the Central Business District.

Architects 61 collaborated with foreign design consultants on a number of notable buildings in the Central Business District between 1980 and 1990, including UOB Plaza, OCBC Centre South, Hitachi/Caltex House, Temasek Tower, and Raffles City. Architects 61 was firmly established on the island’s architectural map as a result of these huge projects.


The company has continued to change the city with extremely complex mega-projects such as Marina One and Tanjong Pagar Centre in conjunction with international design partners as it enters its third generation of leadership. Simultaneously, the company has expanded its portfolio to include projects such as the Little India MRT station, the Centre of Oral Health, and Cleantech 3 at Cleantech Park. With planned projects such as the Health Science Authority, Esplanade Waterfront Theatre, OBS @ Coney Island, and Rifle Range Nature Park, the business continues to refine its design and delivery expertise.

Efforts to Reach Out to the Community

To give back to the community and help to the development of a future generation of architects, architects 61 participates in community and youth outreach activities.

Through numerous events and unforgettable moments shared, Club 61 opens the door to the lighter side of life, reinforcing the relationships of cooperation and friendship within the architects 61 family.

We never lose sight of the personal connection while fully embracing the enhanced possibilities given by technology. To each client relationship and project, each member of our team adds a strong sense of ownership and personal devotion.

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