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Bank of Singapore

Bank of Singapore

Asia’s international private bank

Bank of Singapore is a completely owned subsidiary of OCBC Bank, the second biggest bank in Southeast Asia. Bank of Singapore is based in Singapore and works in a robust and open economy. We are one of Asia’s fastest growing private banks, with a disciplined and consistent strategy that combines an open architecture product platform with extensive research skills to create a holistic risk-based solution tailored to each client’s specific requirements. Our customers benefit from our parent company’s comprehensive suite of investment and commercial banking products, including financing, insurance, and brokerage services, since we are ideally positioned to serve them throughout the world via our network of offices.

OCBC Bank, our parent business

OCBC Bank is Singapore’s oldest bank, having been created in 1932 following the merging of three local banks, the oldest of which was founded in 1912.

OCBC Bank, known for its financial strength and stability, is presently Southeast Asia’s second biggest financial services company by assets and one of the world’s most highly regarded banks, having a Moody’s Aa1 credit rating.

Bloomberg Markets routinely ranks it as Asean’s strongest bank and among the top five banks in the world.

Leadership with a track record

The high quality of competence and skill of Bank of Singapore’s management team is at the core of best practice and outstanding performance. The executives have spearheaded the creation of effective business strategies throughout the network and set in place a strong team, all while adhering to the basic values of prudence, diligence, and excellence.

We continue to create long-term relationships with our clients by working together and relying on the confidence that has been put in us.

Take advantage of our deep regional expertise and really global outlook.

Asian values and tailored creative solutions are the cornerstones of Bank of Singapore’s success.

Prudence, loyalty, humility, and diligence are values that we uphold in all we do.

We endeavor to exceed your expectations and make every attempt to provide value in addition to excellent performance and service.

In Europe, your chosen Asian wealth partner

We are Bank of Singapore’s European wealth management division, and one of Asia’s fastest growing private banks. Our parent firm is based in Asia and has a worldwide outlook. We offer tailored financial advising and portfolio management services to affluent families, ultra-high net worth people, and high net worth individuals across Europe and the United Kingdom, leveraging these capabilities.

Global perspectives and Asian expertise

You will be able to remain on top of global market developments thanks to our worldwide knowledge and extensive understanding of Asia and developing markets.

We can assist you connect with new business partners and possibilities across the globe, especially in Asia, as a subsidiary of Asia’s leading private bank, Bank of Singapore.

A strong foundation

You can rely on us to provide renowned wealth management and investment services based on our core principles of long-term value, integrity, and accountability. The credit rating of our parent business, Bank of Singapore, is among the best in the world, with a grade of ‘Aa1’ from Moody’s.

You may be certain that you’re working with a wealth manager backed by one of the world’s most powerful private banks. As part of the OCBC Group, our parent business, Bank of Singapore, is one of the few private banks with Moody’s Aa1 ratings and has been regularly recognized for its competence in developing long-term partnerships.

One of Southeast Asia’s major financial services conglomerates

The OCBC Business, which includes BOS Wealth Management Europe and Bank of Singapore, is Southeast Asia’s second biggest financial services group by assets. We can give you with total access to the finest solutions available throughout our Group’s 19 sites.

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