Barker Road Methodist Church

Barker Road Methodist Church

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Barker Road Methodist Church, known as the Church on the Hill, is found in the goodness and faithfulness of God. Erected on the courage and fire of 10 ACS lads had been inspired by the Holy Spirit. In 1955, during an ACS Chapel Service 200, boys responded to Dr Earl Stanley Jones’ plea for salvation and is how our story started. Later, ten lads decided to found a church inside the grounds of their school show courage and confidence in their choice. Barker Road Methodist Church  began regularly scheduled services in the band room of the former Oldham Hall on Barker Road, which was filthy and decaying. When a group of ACS boys in the school’s clock tower in the 1970s, the Holy Spirit was poured out on them, reigniting the fire more.


The Barker Road Chapel organization’s original name found in 1956.

 Barker Road Methodist Church on May 26, 1957, it later Methodist church with 12 registered members majority of them was youths from Anglo-Chinese Schools. The 2,742 people were Church members as of 2016. BRMC welcomed Anglo-Chinese School boys in the church sanctuary during the ACS Clock Tower Charismatic revival in 1972, which linked Christian emphasis in the Anglo-Chinese School in the 1950s. A number of the revivalists went on to become Church pastors. The Church was a founding member of Singapore’s National Council of Churches.

Church Structures

The first purpose-built structure was finished in 1963 and dedicated on October 31, 1965, by Bishop F. Lundy. After major renovations and an expansion in 1989, it finally torn down in 1999 as part of the redevelopment of the entire Barker Road complex, which included the school and Oldham hall. The brand-new church structures, which were finish in 2002, are an essential component of the site. The new system is substantial and can accommodate a big crowd, despite its unremarkable architectural features. It is a straightforward rectangular structure with a sizable tiled hipped roof. 

Fluorescent bulbs illuminate the inside in an unremarkable environment with just functional elements. At the liturgical east end, a small, straightforward stained glass window that was once in the building is still present. The 12th Singapore Company of the Boys’ Brigade gave a small bell turret with five bells locates on the exterior.

Church Establishment

With the opening of a preaching station at the Methodist Girls’ School in October 1993, the Church and Wesley Methodist Church began a mission to plant a church there. In September 1994, it later established as Covenant Community Methodist Church. In collaboration with Wesley Methodist Church and Aldersgate Methodist Church comparable preaching station form at Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) in 1998. The Anglo-Chinese School’s preaching point was inaugurate by BRMC in July 2007. (International). Later, in 2012, this preaching location became Holland Village Methodist Church. At Block 151, Bukit Batok Street 11, the BRMC now maintains a preaching point in Bukit Batok.

Additionally, it is the location of the well-known Barker Road Methodist Church Kindergarten, where 420 openings are being competed for by “parents still in the maternity ward.” Together, the Church and the Methodist Welfare Services, the welfare arm of the Methodist Church in Singapore, founded the MCYC Community Services Society in 2001. 

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