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Everything You Need To Know About Bartley Christian Church

On July 10, 1978, Bartley Christian Church formally organised to purchase the property and begin construction on both the church structure and as a stand-alone church organisation. The  Bartley Christian Church construction was finished in 1980 and put into use in February 1981. On June 28, 2009, we had our inaugural worship service in our freshly finished building and welcomed more than a thousand worshipers.


In  Bartley Christian Church  new auditorium we staged our first live Mandarin evangelistic drama in December 2009. An estimated 4,000 people entered our front doors to watch the evangelistic drama based on Kelvin Soh’s life story. All five performances completely sold out. We officially opened our church on February 27, 2010. SM Goh Chok Tong served as the honorary guest. Along with MPs Seah Kian Peng and Lim Biow Chuan, there were numerous more local leaders. We established the Pastor John Willis Missions Endowment Fund and a time capsule that will open in July 2062, on the occasion of the Bartley Christian Church’s 100th anniversary, and sealed by SM Goh.

The first Global Consultations on Music & Missions (GCoMM) Asia conference was co-hosted by us in July 2010. Over four days, missionaries and musicians from over 30 countries entered our main building to worship God in our cutting edge auditorium. We held the Streams of Praise Concert that same month, filling the hall and requiring additional seating.

​We collaborated with JES Media to host “Awaken,” our first stage play, from December 11–13, 2010. Nick Shen, Lina Ng, Huang YiLiang, and Liu Shi Xuan were among the outstanding cast members of the film, which directed by experienced director Chen Bang Yuan and was based on the real-life story of Kelvin Soh Say Min. Over a hundred people attended the five presentations in the Main Auditorium, which crowded.


All the churches in Bartley participated in our first-ever combined service, which conducted on July 31, 2011. English, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Nepali, Telugu, and Indonesian members; congregation gathered under one roof for the first time to honour and worship Jesus, the Hope of All Nations. Bartley once more presented “Restore,” our second stage play, between December 11 and 13, 2011. Based on Judith Harlim, the owner of the Olive Vine, the Main Auditorium was for the four performances of this play. Lead actress Eelyn Kok’s superb performance drew in the audience. We celebrated our 50th Anniversary in Bartley on July 7, 2012, with the help of the previous authorities.

A vision of Missional Cells

Not only a missionary-minded or sending church, but a missional church is what we envision for Bartley Christian Church. When it comes to being, doing, and speaking, a missional church sees itself as a community sent to reflect God’s reign. First and foremost, the church’s small group ministry (the body’s cells) needs to have a missional perspective and drive.

Therefore, missional cells are small communities of Christ-followers who meet to encourage one another to love God, love others, and carry out His Great Commission by creating disciples. They consider themselves more than simply regular support, friendship, accountability, or Bible study groups.

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