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Bedok Town Park: A Must-See Attraction in Singapore

Bedok Town Park is a magnificent 14-hectare public park in Bedok. It’s a popular hangout spot for locals looking for some fun. Bedok North Road, Bedok North Avenue 3, and the Pan Island Expressway form the boundaries of Bedok Town Park. The park offers various workout equipment and long, level, and linear cycling and jogging lanes. Visitors can get a foot massage while walking on the foot reflexology route. Families can relax in the shade of the park’s many trees while taking in the park’s tranquility. The entrance to Bedok Town Park is free and open at all times.

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Bedok Town Park is a community park in Singapore’s Bedok North Avenue 3 that is perfect for Easties who want to ride, jog, exercise, or rest.

Bedok Town Park

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Bedok Town Park is a barrier between Bedok Estate and the Pan Island Expressway. The park gets created on undulating ground with towering mounds which are 14.6 hectares in size. Locals enjoy the flat, linear cycling trails, running trails, and workout equipment. After a long and exhausting day, visitors can unwind with a foot massage on the foot reflexology route. Mango trees may get found throughout the park, and family activities, such as picnics, can be held under them. There are also other activities at the park, such as inline skating and tai chi.


Families visiting Bedok Town Park flock to a modest play area with sandpit-style equipment. Swings and three seesaws get located in the first area of Bedok Town Park’s playground. Tired legs can rest on the logs that encircle the sandpit. The second area has a space theme and includes a small rocket construction and interactive play boards that allow you to dress up as an astronaut or a Martian from outer space. You can pretend to pilot a spaceship on another board. Finally, there is a climbable pyramid-rope structure at the Bedok Town Park playground.

Bedok Town Park Playground


One of the parks along the Play Corridor, which connects Bedok Reservoir Park and East Coast Park, is At Bedok Town Park. Anyone wanting to extend their jogs or bike rides along the East Coast Park connector can do so on the 4-kilometer-long park connector.

The Play Corridor has four sections: the Hill, Wind Valley, Fishing Village, and Beach. The towns of Bedok, Chai Chee, and Marine Parade are represented by these sculptures. Fishing communities, hilly topography, and the coastline were previously famous in these areas.

Bedok Town Park Walkway

It’s a great place to visit.

There’s a foot reflexology walk right next to the play area. Those who want to unwind can walk on it and get a foot massage! There are also chairs and seats in that region, and the park is full of fruit trees, the most notable of which are mango trees. You are welcome to take a break in the shade provided by these trees. The fitness area is a short walk away and features more than nine exercise machines, including leg presses, static cycles, and more.

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