Bethany Independent-Presbyterian Church Singapore

Bethany Independent Presbyterian Church Singapore

Lot Of Things To Know About Presbyterian Church Singapore

Between the Serangoon and Paya Lebar districts of central Singapore is the independent Church known as Bethany Independent-Presbyterian Church Singapore (IPC). The IPC Family, which includes congregations in Singapore, India, Australia, and Myanmar, has its mother church.

The Bible’s inerrancy and status as the final authority on matters of faith and conduct form the foundation of the church doctrine and practices. The Church keeps audio-video recordings of its weekly sermons as a resource for Bible study online.


Growing out of a local Sunday School ministry, Bethany began in 1973 in a single-storey terrace house at 20 Jalan Lakum, Seletar Hills.  Bethany Independent-Presbyterian Church Singapore  growth fashioned after the early Church described in the Bible’s Book of Acts. Our cornerstones of faith were the Bible and prayer. We concentrated on growing a vibrant faith relationship with God and fostering unity among one another. Engaging in disciple-making and soul-saving activities aimed to carry out the Great Commission. The formation of the pulpit ministry, Sunday Schools, camp ministries, fellowship groups, Bible studies, and music ministries served as examples of these ideas. As God grew the Church, we began to engage in international mission activity.

Regarding Missions

Since 1989, Bethany has been engaged in church planting, training future servants of God, and making disciples by the Great Commission. We did this support our missionaries the same way Antioch sent and helped Paul on his missions. We currently have churches in Australia, Myanmar, and India as part of our IPC Family. Providing leadership and direction to the IPC Family as well as teaching the Word training pastors, teachers, and leaders, Pastor Charles Tan has been God’s particular servant on the mission field.

Bethany Theological Seminary offers capable young men the chance to continue their education after demonstrating their abilities in ministry and theological studies (Singapore). The seminary is also temporary assignment.


In 1989, we heeded the call of Macedonia to minister in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. In 1989, Sathiyam IPC founded under the direction of Pastor Baskaran. (Indbaskaran, Indsathiyam) Following in 1991 (indjayam), Jayam IPC and Visuvasam established in the expanding educational centre of Trichy, Tamil Nadu (indvisuvasam). In the Andhra Pradesh hamlet of Ramagiri, Kirubai IPC found in 2004. (indkirubai) (indkirubai1) We started constructing a study centre in Chennai and a new church in Trichy in 2014. The pastoral team from Bethany makes an annual trip to India to serve the IPC Family there. In addition to teaching at camps, conferences, and anniversary events, the pastoral team interacts with church executives.


When Bethel IPC first started in 1994, a few families met every Sunday. In a modest church on Mint Street in Perth, Western Australia, Bethany supplied the means and the vision via Pastor Charles to build the church ministry (Bethel I). Bethel relocated into its current location on Milford Street in 2005. (Bethel II). Over time, Bethel and Bethany’s bond has developed. Just as Bethany has aimed to follow the biblical paradigm of the Church, Bethel closely resembles Bethany.


In 1995, IPC Myanmar founded. Bethany’s work in Myanmar has been in a Children’s Development Center and the training of pastors, teachers, and missionaries.

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