Bishan Community Club

Bishan Community Club

What Courses Are Popular at Bishan Community Club?

The Bishan CC gets ideally located in the center of Bishan, across from the Junction 8 Shopping Center, MRT station, and Bishan bus interchange. There is a Dome Cafe within the Bishan Community Club where you may unwind following a game, class, or if you want to hang out with your pals.

The CC is well known for its interest group in Indian Classical Dance, which has performed at events such as temple exhibitions, national day parades, CC and RC-organized events, and international competitions. Additionally, the Bishan Community Club has produced performances, such as “Varna” (2009) at the Drama Center Auditorium, NLB.


Belly Dance – Elementary

The routines taught to the participants include hip slides, hip circles, hula-hula, reptile charm, hip shimmies, upper body isolations, hip twists, hip drops, change, Egyptian walk, and pelvic lifts/downs. In addition, they will learn how to use cymbals and a veil.

Taekwondo (Singapore Taekwondo Federation)

Koreans invented taekwondo. The art of kicking, striking, and unarmed conflict gets often translated as “the method of hand and foot.” A component of martial art is mental focus and emotional composure. Additionally, participants should be aware that there are various taekwondo schools or systems, each of which operates under a unique set of regulations and has grading tests and tournaments. 

SkillsFuture@PA Korean Language (Intermediate)

Beyond the Elementary course, this Intermediate Korean Language course helps you advance your language skills.

Ukulele (Adult) – Elementary

Become acquainted with the Ukulele, a Hawaiian adaptation of a Diminutive guitar-like instrument that dates back to the 19th century. Learn how to play the Ukulele, sing, and strum chords. Along with learning to perform solo compositions on the instrument, students will also learn how to read music. 

Training Providers

Saira Banu Binte S Mohamed Iqbal

Since 1996, Saira Banu, also known as Natasha Sheikh, has been performing and creating choreography. She has given performances across Asia and the Middle East. In addition to appearing on Channel NewsAsia, Channel 5, Suria, and Vasantham Central, Saira Banu gets profiled in Cleo, Elle, Woman’s Weekly, Shin Min, Woman’s Weekly, and Elle. 

Go Ngee Boon

His Taekwondo Aerobics Instructor’s Certificate is dated 2000 and issued by the STF. He finished the SSC-led NCAP Theory and Technical Level 1 course. He has served as a coach for the STF Blackbelt Club, the Land Transport Authority, the Henderson CC, the Singapore Police Academy, and Bishan CC.

Choung Wha Regan Cho

Ms. Choung, a resident of Singapore since 2000 and a Korean national, specializes in teaching the Korean language to beginners and has a lot of experience in the Korean language. She loves educating visitors about the Korean language, culture, and cuisine because she is a passionate and enthusiastic teacher. 

Daniel Purnomo 

Ukulele trainer Daniel Purnomo is well-known, committed, and enthusiastic in Singapore. He has been teaching and conveying his musical passion, practical expertise, and creative approaches through structured methods to assist his students. As Daniel shares the “secret” of the music concept and the mapping of the ukulele fingerboard, many people have gained a deeper understanding of music in general and the Ukulele in particular. The class is enjoyable to experience because of his patience and sense of humor.

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