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These are the Boon Lay Community Club programs that benefit you.

Boon Lay CC, one of Singapore’s oldest CCs, will mark its 30th anniversary in 2009. The Chinese Orchestra Group, Photographic Club, and Chinese Chess Club are examples of specialty clubs that have been operating for more than 20 years and highlight the long history of this Boon Lay Community Club.

The annual New Year Countdown, which incorporates performances by well-known MediaCorp artists, is the pinnacle of the CC’s year.

Here, you may find out more about the courses offered at the Boon Lay Community Club.


Anyone who enjoys fusing their love of music, movement, and rhythm—expressed in the wonder of dance—can find the solution in MEGADANZ. Salsa, Hip Hop, Dance, Merengue, Reggaeton, Jazz, Flamenco, Pop, Strip Dance, Brazilian Dance, and Belly Dancing are just a few of the numerous dance forms offered by MEGADANCE.

Each MEGADANCE session ensures everyone can benefit from an efficient workout for weight loss, fitness, and muscle conditioning involving a lot of rhythm, dancing, and fun.

Recreational Karaoke Pop Singing (English)

The basics of singing, breathing exercises, and diaphragm training will get covered by the participants. Additionally, they will study musical pace and pronunciation. The emphasis gets placed on reading rudimentary musical notation.

Coding and Robotics

Through Lego Robotics, this curriculum introduces children to programming. Anything that can move, make sounds, have lights and colors, or has an automatic robotics system is a favorite among children. Lego robots will pique children’s curiosity and interest in programming, a language they can use to program microcontrollers and Lego robots in general.

They instruct the participants in the C programming fundamentals, including variables, constants, arrays, switch statements, infinite loops, for-loops, do-while loops, and so forth. The programming fundamentals will be presented in graphical blocks so that children can comprehend them, yet they are the same as those of C-programming.

Basic math principles will teach because programming does require some arithmetic to conduct easy calculations so the robot can follow simple commands. With this, they encourage children to be passionate about learning math by showing them that it can be enjoyable and helpful in solving problems that arise in the real world.

While the robots are getting tested, elementary science lessons on topics like magnetism and light reflection will also get given. They want to encourage children to become interested in technology, math, and science. The people of Genius Playtime believe that combining learning and entertainment will accelerate learning.

Learn To Be A Florist

The most important events in people’s lives, like birthdays, marriage proposals, and anniversaries, are handled by florists. Although not all occasions include flowers, the list is not all-inclusive.

Participants will learn some of the essentials needed to become a florist. These foundational ideas include: Learning to identify and choose the more prevalent species of flowers utilized in the trade. Before using flowers, learn how to care for and preserve them. Find out about some of the industry-standard floral design principles.

Facilities They Provide

  • Multi Purpose Hall
  • Theatrette
  • Badminton Court
  • Basketball Court
  • Multi Purpose Room

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