Braddell MRT

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Braddell MRT

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Things To Know About The MRT Braddell

The North South Line’s Braddell MRT Station (NS18) is a subway station (NSL). It’s near the intersection of Lorong 1 Toa Payoh and Lorong 2 Toa Payoh, and it’s on the border of the Braddell and Toa Payoh West planning subzones. In November 1987, the station opened as part of Singapore’s inaugural MRT line. Braddell MRT is one of two stations that serve the Toa Payoh housing estate (the other being Toa Payoh station), and it serves as a transportation hub for Toa Payoh New Town residents. It provides service to Toa Payoh North’s residential districts near schools and industrial facilities.

Meta Description

Braddell MRT station is an underground Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station in Toa Payoh, Singapore, on the North South Line (NSL).


Since 1981 the MRT system plan attempted to construct the track system and position so that the station has a common platform, similar to the mainstream MRT stations. The MRT system tunnels had to be built directly beneath Lorong 2 Toa Payoh, following the end of the road, in the area between Lorong 1 Toa Payoh and Toa Payoh MRT Station densely built HDB Blocks in the Toa Payoh estate. As a result, tracks could not split at a platform station because the angle at which Southbound trains approached and left the station was too great.

Furthermore, moving the station south would put it too close to the Toa Payoh MRT station, while moving it north would be impracticable due to nearby HDB flats and JTC Flatted factories. Unlike other NSL stations, it constructs with side platforms. Singapore Belgium Contractors Limited was awarded Contract 103A for the construction station on April 7, 1984.  From February 1985 until February 1986, two of Toa Payoh Lorong 1 and 2’s six lanes were temporarily closed to allow for construction.  On November 7, 1987, Braddell was one of five new stations to open.


Braddell station has a side platform design with two underground North South Line platforms. The air-conditioned station is isolated from the environment by full-height Platform screen doors, which improve commuter safety and station comfort. Both platforms connect to the station concourse above via escalators, stairs, and a lift. Expected train arrival times and messages displayed on Passenger Information Systems are plasma display panels positioned at each platform. The visually impaired can use tactile flooring to navigate from the platform to connected platforms and station exits.


Basement 1 is home to the station’s ticket concourse. They include faregates for automatic fare collection and access between paid and unpaid portions of the station least one bidirectional wide-swinging gate for passengers in wheelchairs, those carrying heavy objects, or those travelling with prams.

Commuters can buy tickets for single or many travels at General Ticketing Machines, which also accept contactless card transactions like TransitLink Add Value Machines. Commuters can make travel queries at the station office, which serves as a Passenger Service Centre during operating hours.

Station Services

  • Toilets on the street level (Exit C)
  • Handi capped Toilet on the Street Level (Exit B)
  • Concourse-level retail shops (unpaid areas)
  • Concourse level ATMs and self-service machines (unpaid)


The Braddell MRT station has three ground-level exits (A, B, and C), with Exits A and B providing barrier-free access for the disabled.

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