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Buangkok Square

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What to Know About Buangkok Square 

Buangkok Square, an HBD, and a New Generation Neighborhood center, get located in the Buangkok neighborhood in the northern part of Hougang Town (NGNC). This distinctive shopping center Buangkok Square has three stories and a Net Lettable Area (NLA) of 53,000 square feet.

Buangkok Square Shop 

Services And Facilities They Provide

It provides a stylish and convenient setting where families may get together to have a meal or even go on an enjoyable supermarket run. It serves the needs of the nearby residents every day by providing a variety of food and beverage options, a supermarket, and lifestyle-related services all at once. The enrichment schools that parents can locate to assist in raising their children have thrilled them.

The nearby communities of Buangkok, Sengkang, and Hougang include Buangkok Square as an excellent shopping alternative. Additional equipment for use includes AXS and POSB ATMs. You also won’t miss the regular activities and events planned at the covered community plaza and air-conditioned indoor atrium, such as the twice-weekly Zumba classes, trade shows, and holiday festivities.

Buangkok Square Signage 

Getting there

MRT – NE15 Buangkok MRT Station, which is part of the North-East MRT Line, is close to Buangkok Square Singapore.

BUS – located along Buangkok Link, Buangkok Square Singapore offers bus service 101.

The Appeal of Buangkok Square Mall

A one-stop store – people enjoy living in this neighborhood, which looks like a lush green neighborhood park and features retail stores, dining options, kiosks, and a supermarket.

Community Plaza with Shelter – everyone may easily access the community plaza, which contains water features that offer a place for recreation and gathering for the locals. It is also accessible from the neighborhood residential park and blocks.

The facilities are accessible – the mall’s original layout takes advantage of the topography by transporting users from the lower north end of the construction to the public plaza, which leads out onto a shared green.

Well connected – visitors get greeted at a bus stop with a welcoming entrance. The complex also contains a street accessible around the clock and takes inhabitants to their apartment blocks.

An integrated park – neighborhood park and the covered community plaza work well together. Residents of the surrounding mall may stroll through the rain gardens and utilize the playgrounds, exercise centers, and shelters. And even discover fascinating historical information from the artfully positioned sculptures of kampong animals.

About Buangkok 

In Singapore’s North-East, there is a place called Buangkok. It contains a portion of Hougang New Town, the Buangkok Green Medical Park’s medical center, including the Institute of Mental Health to the north of Buangkok Green, and the public housing communities in Sengkang New Town’s Compassvale neighborhood to the north of Buangkok Drive.

Transportation in Bangkok

Buangkok MRT Station (NE15) on the North-East line of Singapore Mass Rapid Transit serves the community there (MRT). It debuted on January 15, 2006.

The following bus lines the station: 27, 43, 43e, 43M, and 102. The 101 and 329 are the bus lines that enter Buangkok Town’s western section. The following bus lines stop in Buangkok Town: 43, 43M, 88, 109, 156, 159, 161, 325, 575, 660, 672, and 729.

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