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Want To Know About Buddha Tooth Relic Temple?

Singapore, a bustling metropolis in southern Malaysia, is a travel destination. You will never run out of things to do in this lovely Asian city, from exploring structures and parks to shopping at vibrant malls and discovering spirituality at imposing temples. The Chinatown neighbourhood is one of Singapore’s most popular tourist destinations. On South Bridge Road, it is home to the stunning Buddha Tooth Relic Temple – Buddhist and Museum. 


STB addressed Ven. Shi Fa Zhao is currently the president and abbot of  Buddha Tooth Relic Temple – Buddhist and Museum developing the temple. The temple requires amenities and hosts events for locals and tourists addition to having a “traditional” building design. Before the temple’s ultimate design chosen, nine different concepts had considered. The abbot disapproved of because it was too “modern” and consequently looked out of place in Chinatown. He also disapproved of a design that incorporated Southern Chinese typology, which is the design language used by Chinatown’s older temples. As a result, a temple with Southern Chinese-inspired architecture would have been an accurate representation of Singapore’s migrant history.

Thoughtful design

With the assistance of local and foreign consultants, the temple’s chief abbot, Venerable Shi Fa Zhao, conceptualised and developed this Chinese Buddhist temple in the Tang style. Its construction will cost S$75 million and incorporate several Tang Dynasty architectural features. The Buddhist Mandala, a representation of the universe in Buddhist culture, served as inspiration for the architecture of the building.

Sacred artefacts and a stupa

Buddha sculptures in the Museum and Temple of the Buddha Tooth Relic

The temple’s centrepiece locates in the Sacred Light Hall on the fourth floor Buddhist Culture Museum on the third-floor houses a variety of cherished artefacts of the Buddha, including bone and tongue relics.

A massive stupa housing the Buddha Tooth Relic weighs a phenomenal 3,500 kilos and constructed using 320 kilogrammes of gold, of which 234 kilogrammes given to followers. Visitors glimpse the tooth relic from the public viewing area even though only monks permitted in the relic chamber. The Eminent Sangha Museum, a theatre that hosts cultural events, discussions, and movie screenings, is another noteworthy attraction.

Main Attraction Of The Temple

The main draw for visitors to the temple is the revered tooth relic of Buddha. It supported by a “stupa” that weighs 3500 kg and is a construct of 320 kilograms of pure gold, the majority of which contributed by followers. The fourth locates in a room referred to as the “Sacred Hall of Light.” Visitors can see the “stupa” from the public viewing area not permitted in the inner chamber. Before entering the viewing room, take care to remove your shoes. 
Buddha Tooth Relic Temple Buddhist Entrance 

Other Features & Attractions

The colourful prayer hall known as “Maitreyan Hall” or the “Hundred Dragons Hall” is located on the first floor of the great temple. It features 100 smaller Buddha statues and a 15-foot-tall Maitreya Buddha statue. At the top of the worship, the hall is 100 dragon statues for security and energy. More than 300 Buddhist items, including tooth and bone relics, have been gathered for the museum from all over the world, including Thailand, India, Myanmar, China, and Pakistan.

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