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Bugis Junction is one of Singapore’s most dynamic shopping complexes. This modern retail environment is a part indoor department store and part open-air shopping street that feels like a mix of the Bugis Street Market and the Bugis+ mall located just over the road. The big glass roof that provides a magnificent shelter and the cute colonial-style shop houses hawker-style carts that line the main retail route are the striking features of Bugis Junction

The mall has immediate access to the Bugis Street MRT Station and is only a few transits away from Singapore’s central business district. One of the highlights of the 12 Best Places to Go Shopping in Bugis and Kampong Glam and 10 Best Shopping Malls in Singapore is Bugis Junction.

Bugis Junction Tower


Bugis Junction, a mixed-use complex consisting of a retail mall, an office tower, and the InterContinental Singapore Hotel, was completed in July 1995 by Parco Holdings. Three blocks of intact pre-war shophouses were also incorporated into the mall’s development. It was the first glass-enclosed shopping mall in Singapore when it opened, connecting the three streets of Bugis, Malay, and Hylam. Bugis Junction, connected to the Bugis MRT station at Basement 1, was one of Singapore’s most popular shopping malls. It had a Seiyu (now BHG) department store, a United Artists movie theatre, a food court, a Virtual and entertainment arcade, and more than 200 speciality businesses.

Bugis Junction Market

About Bugis Junction 

There are enough famous brands in Bugis Junction to keep Singapore’s trendsetters happy. International merchants Topshop, Levis, Converse, and Adidas, boutique businesses providing locally designed and made clothing and accessories, are all located within the complex.

Prices line with the rest of Singapore’s high-street businesses — keep an eye out for the flash discounts set on the ground floor for discounted electronics, homeware, and shoes. A handful of lovely cafes line the imitation old-age style street of stores (and the inevitable KFC and Mcdonald’s too).

Bugis Junction Shops

Streets within a building

Malabar Street is named after the immigrants from India’s Malabar Coast who arrived in Singapore. Both sides of the street used lines with ten three-storey shophouses with cream-coloured façades. Sun Tian Temple, a Hokkien Buddhist temple, was formerly located on Malabar Street until being relocated to Albert Street in 1986. 11

Before the 1930s, Malay Street was well-known for the vice activities that took place there. “Seamen and travellers the globe over” were aware of brothels featuring Chinese, Japanese, and European girls. 12 After officials cleaned up the region in the early 1930s, the area was free of prostitute activities. 

Travel To Eat

However, the location to dine at Bugis Junction is the fantastic food court on the top level, which provides all your hawker centre staples for only a few dollars more than you’d pay on the street. It’s worth going just for the cool air conditioning and to get away from the Singapore heat. Another reason we like Bugis Junction is that it is so easy to get. When travelling by MRT, you won’t even need to go outside into the midday sun because the nearby Bugis+ retail mall connects to an air-conditioned bridge with even more shops.

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