Bugis MRT

by | Jun 9, 2022

Bugis MRT

bugis mrt platform

All You Need To Know About Bugis MRT Station

Bugis MRT Station gives rail access to the diversified Bugis and Rochor district, which comprises offices, shopping malls, commercial and residential complexes, conserved shophouses, and places of worship.

The Bugis people first settled in the area in 1819, and the station and surrounding area get named after them. Both lines share distinct platforms and concourse levels and get connected by paid and unpaid linkages in Bugis MRT. Basement 5’s DTL platform runs beneath Basement 2’s older EWL tunnel.

Meta Description

Bugis MRT Station (EW12/DT6) is on the Singapore MRT’s East-West Line and is near Bugis Junction, which provides a connection to the mall.

Station information

The Bugis MRT station is adjacent to Fu Lu Shou Complex, Raffles Hospital, the National Library, and Bugis Junction and beneath the intersection of Victoria Street and Rochor Road. The station gets served by the East-West line, which runs between Lavender and City Hall, and the Downtown Line, which runs between Rochor and Promenade. And is designated on official maps as “EW12” for the East-West line and “DT14” for the Downtown Line.

The EWL station serves as an air-raid shelter in an emergency event, with steel blast doors that could seal off the station concourse and platforms. While the DTL station is 26 m (85 ft) below ground and features extensive use of diamond-shaped patterns, which The Straits Times believes are related to the diamond motif in Bugis culture.


The EWL and DTL concourses have fare gates for automatic collection and access between the station’s paid and unpaid sectors, with at least one bidirectional wide-swinging gate for passengers in wheelchairs and those carrying bulky objects or traveling with prams.

Commuters buy single or multiple travel tickets at General Ticketing Machines, which, like Transitlink Add Value Machines (EWL concourse) and Top-up Machines (DTL concourse), accept contactless card transactions. Passengers can make travel queries at station offices on the EWL and DTL concourses during operating hours. The EWL concourse also has a Transitlink ticket counter for commuters. Both train lines get connected by paid and unpaid linkages, and pedestrians can use the station’s network of underground walkways without entering the charged parts. 

The unpaid connection, lined with retail stores, connects the EWL and DTL concourses at Basement 1 level (on the EWL side) and Basement 2 level (on the DTL side). The paid link is placed beneath the unpaid link in Basement 3, with travelators to help commuters move more quickly. With a set of escalators connecting it to the EWL concourse paid area (Basement 1), commuters can bypass the EWL westbound tunnel (Basement 2).

Public art 

Patrick Chia’s Ephemeral appears on the DTL station. The artist told The Straits Times that the artwork gets meant to create “a concept that exploits the constraints and opportunities afforded by the architecture space.” And that it was “not meant to be obvious but to engage each commuter at his or her moment.” The artwork consists of frosted glass panels with colored discs that can only get seen from certain angles.

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