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Things To Do In The Bugis+ Town In Singapore

Bugis+ town is made up of Bugis Junction, Bugis+, and Bugis Street and is in the heart of the culturally rich Bugis district. It is a dynamic lifestyle destination with infinite cuisine options, cheap luxury, the latest fashions, and entertaining entertainment. Bugis+ is located in the heart of Singapore’s Civic and Cultural District and is directly connected to Bugis Junction through an overhead link bridge, allowing quick access to the Bugis MRT station. Bugis+ is a vibrant mall in the heart of Bugis, with entertainment, an exciting F&B and fashion trade combination, and a dynamic magnet for fun-seeking trendy adolescents.

Bugis Mall


The grand opening of Iluma in 2009 was met with a lot of excitement. However, after a few months, tenants began to complain about a lack of patrons, even though it is just next to Bugis Street. International artists such as David Archuleta and Trace Bundy brought the management to attract patrons. Despite their efforts, the mall’s attendance remained low, and many tenants compel to close their shops.

CapitaMall Trust Management announced in 2011 that they had purchased Iluma for S$295 million from Jack Investments. The mall was renovated as part of the transfer in late 2011 and completed in mid-2012. Bugis+ is the new name for the mall.

Bugis Restaurant


For a mall of its size, it features many food and beverage options, and they aren’t simply McDonald’s and Pizzahut. The churros craze is still strong, and Churros101 is there to help you quench your sweet tooth. If you’re hungry for Korean food, Seoul Yummy is a must-visit – it always appears to have long lines, no matter what time of day it is.


If you’re looking for some entertainment, Manekineko, a Japanese karaoke business, has established a location with 20 rooms, including a VIP room that can accommodate 30 people. You can sing your heart out to all of your adoring fans/friends.

Bugis Store

Fantastic filmmaking

In addition, on the uppermost level, there is a cinema where you may watch blockbusters. The Filmgarde cinema is virtually always vacant, which is a hidden benefit. We believe this is because most people visit Bugis Junction to see movies. As a result, there will always be unoccupied seats next to you, ideal for a nearly-private movie session with your pals! Why not see it yourself if you’re half-convinced by these? After all, it’s in such a convenient location that you have nothing to lose by driving down for half an hour!


The mall’s exterior, designed by WOHA, is centred on the subject of light and illumination, with high-tech elements such as a light- and media facade created in collaboration with Berlin-based media artists realities: united. Unlike Times Square, the “crystal mesh” facade envelops the convex half of the skyscraper, and brightly lighted billboards will disperse across its flatter sides. The proximity of artistic venues and tertiary campuses inspired the concept.

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