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Bukit Canberra

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Upcoming Bukit Canberra

The planned Bukit Canberra will make facilities more accessible than ever to Sembawang residents. The integrated complex gets completed in 2021 – will have a lush park-like setting and come equipped with amenities like a polyclinic, senior care centre, hawker centre, swimming pools, and an indoor sports arena.


From the first half of 2020, Sembawang residents will have access to the distinctively built Bukit Canberra, an integrated sport and community hub that will motivate people to lead better lives. The 12-hectare intersection – which will get built in stages, would offer neighborhood services; a hawker centre, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, a polyclinic, a senior care facility, and green spaces. It will get opened in phases.

“Bukit Canberra is both a historical gem and a creation of our locals. To co-create a lively meeting area for our members and their families, we have been interacting with Sembawang residents since 2016. The majority opinion was to keep as much vegetation as possible. At the same time, establish facilities that the community spaces will find most helpful. Thus, by 2020, a polyclinic, an indoor sports arena, and swimming pools will all be tucked away in a nature and heritage park. It will be a unique location in both Sembawang and Singapore. The Minister for Education and Advisor to Sembawang GRC Grassroots Organisations, Mr. Ong Ye Kung, said.

Volunteers from the ground up have been talking to residents through house visits ever since the Sembawang Sport and Community Hub got first announced in 2016 to get feedback on potential facilities and programs. One of the main points they wanted to convey was that they hoped to see more places for community events so they could interact with other Sembawang residents.

Bukit Canberra as imagined by an artist. Thanks to Sport Singapore

Until it launched its plans for a $1.5 billion sports and community hub in Canberra in July 2018, our government hadn’t combined sports facilities with nature. The hub – known – as Bukit Canberra, would occupy a space roughly equivalent to 20 football fields (12 hectares). When the epicenter gradually – opens – in 2020, the following will be available to residents:

  • With 1,500 square metres, ActiveSG’s Singapore location is the largest.
  • Outdoor and indoor public pools
  • 500 seats in an indoor sports arena
  • three kilometres of challenging outdoor jogging trails built on the topography of nature.
  • a “food forest” and “fruit orchard,” including edible plants like the cocoa tree and roselle plant as part of it
  • an area garden
  • a market stall
  • The polyclinic
  • a centre for senior day care
  • The former Admiralty House is a historically significant structure now used for education.
  • It appears that – everyone – in Canberra will live in a single large condo, with Bukit Canberra serving as the clubhouse.

About Bukit Canberra 

About Bukit Canberra

Although some may consider Sembawang to be a very uninteresting district of Singapore, locals should have hope that things – get going to get much more exciting.

The public can soon visit Bukit Canberra, integrated sports and modern community centre.

Its extended amenities, including an 800-seat hawker centre, a butterfly garden, and a sizable indoor sports hall, will get available to residents.

The 12-ha hub’s initial phase will debut in the third quarter of 2022.

Here’s a peek at the most current development status and what to anticipate when the hub is formally made accessible to the general public.

Eight hundred-seat Hawker centre Bukit Canberra’s initial plans got first presented in 2018. A polyclinic, a senior center, a childcare centre, and several parks are just a few amenities – that the integrated hub will offer residents.

The integrated sport and community hub’s Phase One will soon open in Q3, following several delays brought on by COVID-19.

With the new hawker center’s – impending opening – residents will have access to more reasonably priced dining options.

About 800-seat hawker centre and a whopping 44 stalls can get found in the roomy hawker center. In addition, the building’s 6 m high ceilings were a unique design feature that allowed for more natural ventilation.

To ensure sustainability and reduce its environmental impact – it will also get furnished with a food digester.

At a family carnival – on Sunday morning at the future – site of Bukit Canberra to mark – the beginning of construction work. Mr. Ong joined his fellow Advisers to Sembawang GRC Grassroots Organizations, Minister Khaw Boon Wan, Senior Parliamentary Secretary Amrin Amin, Dr. Lim Wee Kiak, and Mr. Vikram Nair. Over 800 residents attended the event. The Sembawang Hot Springs Park Tree, scientifically known as Mesua ferruginea, was planted by the Grassroots Advisers as a sign of the beginning of construction. It is one of the 1,600 more trees that will get planted at Bukit Canberra.

Sport Singapore (SportSG), the Ministry of Health (MOH), the National Healthcare Group Polyclinics (NHGP), the National Environment Agency (NEA), and the National wildlife parks Board will all have facilities on Bukit Canberra (NParks). Bukit Canberra will also emphasise the local heritage with help from the National Heritage Board (NHB).

We have long considered the Sembawang neighborhood to get the last bastion of modern Singapore, where much of the past is still waiting to get found. However, progress is erasing these reminders of a quickly passing era; the most recent part of Sembawang to get assimilated into the brave new world is the final forested hill in the region, on which the opulent Admiralty House gets parched. The settings that gave the house its attractiveness and much-needed isolation throughout its eight decades of life are no longer the same because – nearly the entire western slope of the hill has cleared.

Its size and appearance would have been ideal for housing the Commander of the then-newly assembled Naval Base, which got the biggest and most significant British base east of the Suez. The Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Navy’s Far East Station moved into Admiralty House in 1958, giving it the name that gets most familiar to people.

The house was given to the Singapore government in 1975 after serving as the Commander of the ANZUK Force’s residence. The hill has since resisted the encroachment of concrete – which got – caused a new HDB town to emerge all around it. When the 2014 Master Plan revealed ideas for a sports and community hub, the hill’s time had come. 

About 200 of the hill’s mature trees, or just over 25% of the total number of trees at the time the project got announced in 2016, were to be kept, while more new trees would get – planted. Even though the – western – slope of the hill has been stripped bare for the most part, this may still be the case. However, the project’s required terracing, along with the building of new structures and footpaths, will permanently change the hill’s character and add a great deal of unwelcome concrete to a region that is already heavily concreted.

Scenic gardens & huge indoor sports hall

To preserve and highlight the steep features and lush foliage, the development and landscaping of Bukit Panjang Canberra got designed to fit the existing landscape. The hub’s features may be enjoyed by users in a natural setting, bringing them closer to flora and fauna – at the same time. To improve the existing greenery – and biodiversity – more trees and shrubs will be planted throughout the complete – site and integrated with the various facilities.

A forested buffer will get preserved at the edge of Bukit Canberra in keeping with the on-site vegetation. It will gradually get populated with plants to help it develop into a tropical – secondary rainforest with a robust biodiversity that will contrast with the nearby NParks Nature Ways in terms of species. Throughout the hub, running trails with varying degrees of difficulty will traverse various topographies, offering a variety of experiences. The community will be able to grow their plants in the community gardens and view a vast number of fruit trees and food plants in the Fruit Orchard and Food Forest.

In addition, historical narrative boards will get placed throughout Bukit Canberra’s green spaces so locals and guests can learn more about it. The area’s past as a former naval base and its historic buildings, including a National Monument – the Former Admiralty House – once housed essential military leaders based in Singapore.

The ANZUK House Gate, an additional structure, honors the history of ANZUK (an acronym for Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom). A World War II bunker got found in 1990 close to the Former Admiralty House. Both events occurred in Singapore in the 1970s.

To provide visitors with a singular experience, the landscape design for Bukit Canberra will make use of and enhance the site’s existing flora, topography, and legacy. The landscape design for the site gets broken up into three zones: Forest, Agrarian, and Hilltop taking into account the characteristics and character of the existing site. The landscaping will enable users to enjoy the hub’s features in a natural setting, strengthen ecological connections for biodiversity, and connect the neighborhood with flora and fauna.

Forest Region

Restoring animal habitats and enhancing biodiversity are the main goals of the Forest Zone. To replicate – the structure of the original – rainforest- mature trees and vegetation will preserved, and more native forest species will get – added. The plants planted within the Forest Zone will include those found along the Nature Ways to promote ecological connection. Bukit Canberra lies at the intersection of existing NParks Nature Ways.

Agrarian Zone

Several community areas, including the Food Forest, Fruit Orchard, and community garden, are planned for this zone, where the existing vegetation is less dense. Similar themes will get used in the landscaping that surrounds these elements.

Hilltop Area

The Former Admiralty House is the prominent landmark at The Hilltop. In addition to providing a clear and unhindered view of the surroundings, the landscaping will frame the building’s frontage. The area surrounding the house will be open and suitable for various leisure pursuits, including gatherings, celebrations, and picnics.

Hawker centre with 800 seats

Beginning in the third quarter of the year, locals in the Sembawang region will have access to a hawker centre with 800 seats and an indoor sports arena.

The first polyclinic to be tucked into community facilities will get located at the Bukit Canberra integrated sports and community centre when – finished.

Ong Ye Kung, Singapore’s health minister, stated on Sunday, “We have an aging population in the northern portion of Singapore, and so it will contribute to the current infrastructure for primary care in the area.

In addition to treating acute and chronic diseases, the polyclinic will provide women’s health services like cervical and breast cancer screening. During a visit to the Canberra Link construction site, Mr. Ong expressed his hope that healthcare could – integrated with all of the town’s social activities to promote preventive care and healthy living.

The date of the polyclinic’s debut has not yet been made public.

The 12-ha hub created by Sport Singapore, which got scheduled to open in the first half of 2020, brings together some organizations, including the People’s Association, the Ministry of Health, and the National Parks Board.

It will eventually have five swimming pools and Singapore’s largest ActiveSG gym.

Additionally, Canberra House, a national landmark formerly known as the old Admiralty House, will be housed there and converted into a library. We’ve got delayed by one and a half to two years due to COVID-19. The facilities will gradually begin to open, and Mr. Ong expressed the hope that when they do, the locals will realize that the wait was worthwhile.

His fellow Sembawang GRC MPs Poh Li San, Vikram Nair, and Lim Wee Kiak joined him for the site visit.

There will be room for 44 stalls in the hawker center, which is almost finished.

To lessen the facility’s environmental impact, it will have sustainability features like a food digester as part of a system for transporting food waste.

Twelve badminton courts, three basketball or volleyball courts, or both, can be accommodated in the indoor sports hall. Additionally, the space could get – configured to accommodate up to 500 people at a time in a retractable seating gallery or hold 2,000 people for community events.

The hub will host events in the upcoming months, such as Pesta Sukan, which gets Malay for the “festival of sports,” in July, and the Sembawang GRC National Day 2022 observance ceremony, which will take place in August.

Of course, we’re going to start with the hawker center, which gets practically finished in – terms – of construction and is a crowd favorite.

There won’t be any need to fight for a table during busy times because the hawker centre can accommodate up to 800 diners. There is no doubt that there will be something for everyone at the hawker centre – with space for 44 stalls.

The hawker centre will have a range of stalls and foods in addition to eco-friendly furnishings like a food digester.

These features are a part of a food waste conveyance system that lessens the hawker center’s environmental impact. 

Greenery and Heritage

The North of Singapore is buzzing, with new coworking spaces popup – up in Marsiling and the Woodlands Galaxy CC Observatory reopening. This city has recently gained yet another – calm new development. Bukit Canberra Plaza is a 12-hectare integrated hub that has undergone a soft launch for the general public.

Bukit Canberra is opening in stages, but while you wait for the rest to open up – you can already start using the facilities. The open lawn in the centre of the hub, a new indoor sports hall, and a lush butterfly garden were all present – when we went during the opening weekend. An overview of what to anticipate gets given below:

We occasionally need to get away for an hour or two to enjoy a little bit of nature. Community gardens, those seen – in rural areas, can get useful in this situation. The designers of Bukit Canberra structured – the landscaping of the development around the topography, adding even more natural elements to the Sembawang neighborhood.

Running pathways will be installed all across the hub once it is fully operational, and there will also be a “therapeutic garden” and a fruit orchard where the locals may grow their food.

The Butterfly Garden get – on the second floor, offers a sneak peek of what’s to come. There are many different types of vegetation and fauna, even saw some butterflies while – we were there. If you reside close to Bukit Canberra, it’s a great area to take your significant other for a stroll.

The 2nd phase will feature more when it opens at the end of 2022.

The hawker centre is very – attractive.

When will the rest open, ah? is what we’re sure you’re wondering.

The 44-stall hawker centre gets expected to open in the second phase by the end of the year, which would excite gourmands. The hawker centre will also be covered with vegetation, with vines hanging from the rooftop, just like the other areas of Bukit Canberra. 

Additionally, in 2023, you can look forward to a variety of exciting new facilities: including an Active Health Lab, an ActiveSG gym, the Bukit Canberra Polyclinic, a library that occupies the former Admiralty House, the Bukit Canberra Swimming Complex 2, and even a Natural Setting Pool that resembles a natural lagoon.

The good news is that Bukit Canberra will get – connected to the beautiful Sembawang Park via the Canberra Park Connector, which is great news for cyclists. So it will be simple to arrange a jog or bike ride after your badminton match.

If you’re as thrilled as we are about Bukit Canberra’s debut, this is only the beginning. This integrated sports hub is now even more accessible to residents of other parts of Singapore thanks to the opening of 11 new stations along the Thomson-East Coast Line.

Bukit Canberra is only a 7-minute walk away, so the fastest way to get there is to take the train to Sembawang MRT station.

Sports facilities and active health

Town Sport Center elements will get included in ActiveSG Sembawang Sports Center in Bukit Canberra as part of the Sports Facilities Master Plan (SFMP). Residents of Sembawang can anticipate: A wading pool, a six-lane protected pool, an eight-lane lap pool, and a kiddie pool. Sports like basketball and badminton get played in an indoor sports arena with a 500-seat gallery.

The two exercise studios at the ActiveSG Gym will make it the largest ActiveSG gym to date. It will be open to and geared toward people of all abilities because it is an inclusive gym. The 1,500 square meter gym will get located with a view of the pools.

Sports Arena Indoors

To better serve the citizens of – Sembawang – the center will also include an Active Health Lab and Nutrition Studio. The Active Health Lab, backed by Active Health Experts, is a proactive setting where individuals may learn about preventative healthcare and exercise advice through – the management of physical activity, nutrition, sleep, and screen time. To encourage the community to embrace active living on a sustained basis and to encourage taking responsibility for one’s health, the Lab – uses knowledge of exercise, sport science, medicine, health, and wellness supported by technology.


Bukit Canberra’s sports and healthcare amenities, including a polyclinic, a senior care facility, and sports facilities, will help people stay healthy and fit. As a result, the different organizations will be able to collaborate closely to assist individuals in enhancing their physical and mental well-being.

The polyclinic is a component of MOH’s strategy to support primary care and give Singaporeans access to care close to where they live. To meet the healthcare needs of the people of Sembawang, it will provide various medical services. These will include care for acute and long-term illnesses, services for women’s health, such as – screenings for cervical and breast cancer, and services for children’s health, such as immunizations and developmental evaluations.

Senior Care Facility

For seniors who need care – the Senior Care Center will offer various health and social care services, including daycare and rehabilitation services, to enable them to get support in the community. Additionally, the centre will provide old and fragile locals with home-based care services.


Along with a hawker center, the hub will also have a convenient location on the northwest side of Bukit Canberra, making it simple to access the rest of the development. It will have more than 40 stalls and 700 seats. As dining areas get planned to include views of lush greenery, locals can anticipate enjoying affordable hawker fare in a park-like setting. The hawker centre will serve as a hub for social interaction and foster a sense of community among Bukit Canberra Vista residents and visitors.

Collaboration and Connectivity

SportSG, the lead agency for Bukit Canberra, curated inputs for the hub’s design and construction to give other partners opportunities for co-programming through shared spaces. The corner – gets built to integrate seamlessly with Sembawang’s existing and planned bicycle networks – and the Park Connector Network. By September 2021, the Bukit Canberra should be completely operational.

Beautiful grounds and a sizable 

There will be footpaths and running tracks – that wind through the hub’s picturesque areas, allowing inhabitants to go for jogs.

Bukit Canberra also features a Butterfly Garden with lovely floral plants if a stroll is what you want. Residents can – go there to take advantage of the natural vegetation and the tranquility of Bukit Canberra parks.

The hub will also have – an – outstanding indoor – sports arena where locals may continue to lead active lifestyles.

The enormous space can hold three basketball or volleyball courts – or twelve badminton courts. A seating gallery that retracts has a capacity of 500 persons.

The hall has a capacity of 2,000 people for community activities – including concerts and flea markets.

The Sembawang National Day 2022 Observance Ceremony and Pesta Sukan, a sporting event to mark National Day, will take place in the sports hall in the upcoming months.

polyclinic & five swimming pools

Residents can anticipate a variety of amenities in later phases of construction: such as a polyclinic, a daycare centre, and a senior care facility.

More sporting facilities will also be available, including the largest ActiveSG gym in Singapore and five swimming pools, one of which is Olympic-sized.

Bukit Canberra opening

By the end of 2022, one of Singapore’s newest and largest swimming complexes, located in Sembawang’s integrated sports and community hub, will be completed. A wading pool, a kiddie pool, an eight-lane lap pool, and a fun pool are all part of the Bukit Canberra Swimming Complex.

Bukit Canberra Swimming Complex prioritises family-friendly aquatic activities and offers a wide variety of pools for swimmers of all skill levels and interests. It is a fantastic place for families to spend the day together because it has play areas, open swimming, and lots of space for lessons.

There will be a Therapeutic Garden on the hub’s roof.

The area will have a variety of fragrant and colorful plants intended to meet the physical, psychological, and social requirements.

The old Admiralty House, formerly known as Canberra House, will also be located in Bukit Canberra.

The famous home will get transformed into a library.

Ong Ye Kung, the health minister, along with fellow Sembawang MPs Ms. Poh Li San, Mr. Vikram Nair, and Dr. Lim Wee Kiak, went on a site visit to Bukit Canberra and declared that it was worth the wait.

According to Mr. Ong, the opening of this hub has long got anticipated by the locals.

“We’ve delayed one and a half to two years due to Covid,” he said.

However, Mr. Ong hoped that as the facilities became more accessible, residents would “know and feel that the wait was worthwhile.” He continued by saying that the forthcoming polyclinic, the first to be tucked within neighborhood amenities, was a welcome addition.

The population of Singapore’s northern region is getting older. The polyclinic, according to him, will strengthen the local community’s infrastructure for primary care.

Additionally, Ms. Poh described Bukit Canberra as “iconic, integrated, and inclusive,” a community that people from all backgrounds can enjoy and benefit.

Enter the peace. In the middle of energizing springs, The Watergardens in Canberra invites you into a new world of peace. Experience a dreamy, sensory home environment with organic, naturalistic pools enclosing lush, magical landscapes. In a large – resort setting – 65 facilities have been painstakingly included over three thematic, immersive zones, allowing you to live luxuriously. Immerse yourself in the green and water petrichor. Your residence is where you are.

A joint venture between UOL Group Ltd., United Industrial Corp. Ltd., and Kheng Leong Co. (Pte.) Ltd. has just finished construction on The Watergardens at Canberra, a new residential complex. This new launch project will become a new landmark in the North of Singapore and got recognized with an award at the 2021/2022 Asia Pacific Property Awards.

Fill your senses with a rich landscape features three thematic zones with three unique characters: The Waters, The Gardens, and The Social. Spend quality time with your loved ones while participating in a celebration of life as expressed in gardens and water. Discover the generous swaths of green and waterbodies surrounded by magnificent facilities.

Nature welcomes you when you arrive. Explore the terraced gardens or be admitted – by the serene Waterwall Courtyard, surrounded by a green canopy hanging over the arrival court. The Waters Zone: Water suggests a wealth of life. As you recline for some afternoon soaking, take in the sound of the running streams. Or make a fool of yourself splashing around in the water with the kids.

A lap pool right outside your door will help you improve your fitness with fitness studios. Numerous swimming pools provide a setting for both active and relaxing living.

The Garden Area:

Socializing, entertaining, and exploring are made possible by private garden nooks and creative routes. Learn about the various landscape components that work – in concert to create a gated community that gets brimming with life and a love of the outdoors.

A social zone

There are so many entertainment settings to choose from in The Watergardens. After touring the lovely gardens and sparkling pools, bring your group inside for a change of scenery.

A farm-to-table experience is made possible by the distinctive Savory Gardens & Harvest Pavilion. In this designated workshop area, where farm-to-table dining is made simple and accessible, hone your gardening skills and try – your hand at growing fresh vegetables and herbs growing. Residents can become content go-greeners with the help of guided programs to expand and maintain edible gardens.

The Watergardens at Canberra is in a prime location, tucked inside a landed neighborhood called Jalan Kemuning. It takes only 5 minutes to walk to the Canberra Tampines North and Bukit Canberra Integrated Hub. The Watergardens at Canberra residents can anticipate an exciting integrated hub at the brand-new 12ha Bukit Canberra thanks to URA’s Master plan. Among the amenities are grocery stores, restaurants, retail stores, a childcare facility, a gym, a swimming pool, and a sports – arena indoors.

Take advantage of the North Region Transformation, which includes the North-South Corridor, to reduce travel time to the city to just 10-15 minutes. Additionally, residents will have excellent access to major commercial space like Yishun’s Northpoint City and the Woodlands Health Campus Regional Centre. Major arterial roads and expressways like the Seletar Expressway get – well connected to the development.

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