Bukit Merah Neighbourhood

by | Jun 7, 2022

Bukit Merah Neighbourhood

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Everything You Know About The Bukit Merah Neighbourhood

Bukit Merah Neighbourhood is in Singapore’s southernmost part region, and its name means “red hill” in Malay, with “Bukit” meaning “hill” and “Merah” meaning “red.” Red soil gets discovered when steep regions surrounding Henderson/ Lengkok Bahru were mined in the early days, hence the name. Redhill refers to the neighbourhood around Bukit Merah, including the MRT station. Bukit Merah has transitioned from a site where pepper and gambier plantations were famous to a residential Bukit Merah Neighbourhood with a range of business and recreational services. 

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From the 1930s until the 1950s, the erstwhile Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT) created the Tiong Bahru Estate, known as Bukit Merah. To alleviate the housing scarcity problem, HDB began developing public housing on state land made available in Bukit Merah in 1960. HDB gets also charged with constructing several apartments for people displaced by the Bukit Ho Swee fire in 1961. At Redhill, Kampung Tiong Bahru, Telok Blangah, Bukit Purmei, and Depot Road to construct housing estates.

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The Bukit Merah Neighbourhood has several fantastic features. For starters, several shopping complexes cater to inhabitants’ every need. Tiong Bahru Plaza refurbished characteristics, and over 160 businesses, including a movie theatre and a FairPrice Finest supermarket. Anchorpoint Mall gets located outside of Tiong Bahru. Although it is smaller than Tiong Bahru Plaza, it features a unique combination of high-end retailers and restaurants. It also features a refrigerator. In addition, an Ikea gets located near Anchorpoint Mall.

Mount Faber Park is the main one when parks and wildlife. It used to be known as Telok Blangah Hill, but the government has taken the time and effort to transform it into a lovely playground with a view from 105 meters above the ground. This 56-hectare park has become a popular location for families and visitors searching for a peaceful area to unwind. Finally, the East-West Line (EWL) and the Circle Line provide excellent connectivity to the rest of Singapore (CCL). This zone gets served by various stations, and thus people may choose between Tiong Bahru (EWL), Redhill (EWL), and Telok Blangah (EWL) (CCL).

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Bukit Merah – Jobs:

Bukit Merah is home to the Henderson Industrial Park and the Tiong Bahru Industrial Estate several workplaces, including the Sephora Digital Singapore office. The CBD and Orchard Road are also easily accessible from Bukit Merah.

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Bukit Merah – Learn:

Dardis Child Development Centre and Eager Beaver Schoolhouse are two of the many services for young children in the neighbourhood. While there are no schools in the Bukit Merah neighbourhood, there are a number of them immediately outside the gates, including Zhangde Primary School, Gan Eng Seng Primary School, and Bukit Merah Secondary School. The Singapore General Hospital is just near the Duke-NUS campus. Finally, citizens can use the Bukit Merah Public Library for pleasure reading or study purposes.

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Bukit Merah – Move:

There are no MRT stations inside Bukit Merah’s boundaries; the closest stations are Redhill MRT station on the East-West line and Outram Park MRT station on the East-West and North-East lines.

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