Bukit Merah Secondary School

by | Jun 19, 2022

Bukit Merah Secondary School

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What Bukit Merah Secondary School Has to Offer?

Bukit Merah Secondary School was established in 1968 to serve the Bukit Merah community. It’s a government secondary school in Singapore’s Bukit Merah that’s co-educational and offers only one session. The school’s objective is to develop resilient, heartfelt merahans. Respect, honesty, self-control, and empathy are the school’s values. The school created a nurturing environment to bring forth the best in its students. Bukit Merah Secondary School is a Value-Added school that offers Express, Regular Academic, and Regular Technical courses. The school and its staff get dedicated to creating respectful interactions and allowing students to participate actively. The pupils can participate in a variety of extracurricular activities and events.

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Scholarly data

Academic Course

Students in the Normal (Academic) program offer 5-8 subjects in the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Normal Level examination. Compulsory subjects include in the Bukit Merah Secondary School are;

  • English Language
  • Mother Tongue Language
  • Mathematics
  • Combined Humanities

N(A) students who perform well on their Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level examination are eligible for a 5th year leading to the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level examination. Students can move from one course to another based on their grades and the principal’s and teachers’ assessments.

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Technical Course

Students take the Technical course to prepare for a technical-vocational education at the Institute of Technical Education. Students will be required to present 5-7 subjects on the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Normal Level test. The course improves students’ English and mathematics skills. Students take English Language, Mathematics, a mother tongue, and computer applications.

Programs Offered

National Digital Literacy Program (NDLP)

Assist students in improving their digital literacy. The Personalised Digital Learning Programme (PDLP) for all secondary school students is one of the NDP’s components for every secondary school student to own a school-prescribed Personal Learning Device (PLD) by 2021. Students from the PDLP Pilot schools talk about their learning devices and their experiences with them.

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Global Merahan Programme (GMP)

The program exposes students to the globe and sensitizes them to Singapore’s position in the world in connection to its global setting and deepening their commitment and rootedness in Singapore. Students will also gain a broad knowledge and cross-cultural abilities, which are 21st-century competencies.

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Learning for Life (Sports) Programme (LLP) – Character Development Through Sports

After traveling through the merger years, the LLP committee combined the best of the two merged schools’ LLP programs and came up with a new topic in 2021: “Character Development Through Sports.”

The TLLP will be executed through three platforms as a broad-based approach for Merahans, aligning the programs based on the school principles of Respect, Integrity, Self-Discipline, and Empathy (RISE).

  • Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) Lessons
  • Key School Developmental Experiences
  • Physical Education (PE) Lessons
  • Applied Learning (STEM) Programme (ALP)

The Applied Learning Program (ALP) at Bukit Merah Secondary School, “Creative Robotics and Engineering,” permits all Merahans to participate in a two-year program that combines Design Thinking (DT) and problem-based learning. This curriculum intends to inspire students’ ingenuity and strengthen their critical thinking abilities by being user-centric and focused on the applications of robotics and engineering in solving real-world challenges.

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