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A youthful, active, Bible-believing, Spirit-led congregation is Cairnhill Methodist Church. We belong to the Methodist Church in Singapore, which unites more than 40 local churches nationwide. To serve the needs of the kids and their families, Cairnhill Methodist Church collaborates closely with Anglo-Chinese School (Junior), where it gets located.


Our hospitality crew genuinely cares about the congregation member and wants to foster a spirit of awe and worship in the temple of God.

At Cairnhill Methodist Church, we strive to create a warm atmosphere by :

  1. Creating a friendly setting for guests and regular worshipers during our services and special events.
  2. Fostering a feeling of community by making each guest and member feel valued and recognized.
  3. Facilitating connections among and promoting friendship among our members.
  4. Enabling immigrants’ assimilation into church life.

Social Outreach & Concerns:

Our Social Concerns Ministry reaches out to those in need, whether in Cairnhill or beyond, to live up to Christ’s call to “bear each other’s burdens.”The Methodist Welfare Services’ Family Development Program, food vouchers for ACSJ’s neediest students, and parenting seminars are a few of the initiatives we support.

Children’s ministry:

Our church family works together in the children’s ministry to raise kids who love God with all their heart, soul, and mind and demonstrate this love through obedience and service in their daily lives.

Pastors and staff:

A group of regular folks from our church’s staff have been united and changed by God’s love. Their work the abilities and qualities God first gave them, and they come from various backgrounds. Each Jesus-loving member, regardless of their professional credentials in management, administration, the arts, or technology, is fervently committed to building a family atmosphere of love and camaraderie. As God works through His church in power and grace, they each believe that a church is a place where they can be who God has designed them to be, serving His vision and living life to the fullest with one another. They are the ones who, along with our committed group of volunteers, contribute to the growth and improve the worship experience for all visitors.

  • Rev Dr. William Sam-Pastor-in-charge
  • Rev Ling Kin Yew -Pastor


  • Mrs. Nancy Soh
  • Mrs. Shirley Yeo
  • Mr. Peter Wee
  • Mrs. Fion Tiah
  • Pr Melody Leong
  • Ms. Lee Pei Yee
  • Ms. Julia Chua

Healing Rooms:

We are a group of volunteers from many faiths and denominations who trust God’s ability to heal the sick and free the prisoners. The Healing Rooms is a private, safe space where you can receive prayers from a group of three to four volunteers if you need the healing touch of Jesus. Although we pray for bodily healing, the Holy Spirit frequently guides us to focus our prayers on emotional or spiritual underlying problems. Either instantaneous or gradual curing is possible. We are determined to continue to pray for you until you see a breakthrough.

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