Canberra Community Club

Canberra Community Club

What are the Benefits of Canberra Community Club?

The CC has a garden on its roof that looks out over the Canberra estate. It is available for rent for events or special occasions. In addition, the CC has a large banquet hall and a hard court for skating, other sporting events, and social gatherings. The Canberra Community Club offers a variety of courses that locals can take. Ballet and Hatha Yoga are a couple of the most well-liked classes. The versatile performing arts organization Variasi Performing Arts at the CC is open to fans of the performing arts. Call to learn more about the facilities and services offered.

Community Arts:

Its objectives are to use the arts to unite people and to promote within the community. By placing it in the center of each constituency in Singapore, it attempts to make arts and culture accessible to the general public. We want to develop a sense of pride in Canberra Community Club and nation by bringing people together through the arts. We actively involve people, art lovers, and makers through the participatory art process to develop a robust, volunteer-driven, and resident-centric community arts movement.

Networking and new contacts:

Choosing a welfare activity to dedicate yourself to is a method to develop and maintain relationships. By interacting directly with others who share your beliefs and principles, you might rediscover those who hold similar views to your own.

Social and interpersonal abilities:

Participating in community activities aims to show the world the best side of you. You get to visit several areas, engage with individuals from all backgrounds, demonstrate your unity, and feel empathy through this voluntary work. You begin speaking out for yourself, which helps you grow and strengthen your interpersonal skills like management, leadership, and active listening.

valuable work abilities:

Through community service, you can develop essential workplace skills like teamwork, communication, public speaking, task management, problem-solving, project planning, and organization that will help the larger community. Additionally, several volunteer programs provide extensive instruction in practical fields, including construction, painting, customer service, and medical.

Community Sports:

The People’s Association works with Community Sports Networks (CSNs) to encourage neighborhood interaction and community bonding through various sports activities. The ongoing program One of the CSN stalwart programs that has persisted over time is PAssion Community Football. At the local level, CSNs plan various events, including brisk walks, mass swims, sports carnivals, bowling, badminton, football, and sepak takraw. They have also recently included floorball, kinball, and disc golf.

Looking for the Canberra Community Club’s closest station or stop?

Check out this list of stations that are most convenient for your location: Sembawang Vista – Sembawang Int (58009); Canberra Rd – Blk 311 (58101); Canberra Rd – Opp Blk 311 (58109); Sembawang Cres – Bet Blks 325/326 (58371); Sembawang Dr – Sun Plaza/Sembawang Stn (58251); Sembawang Dr – Opp Sun Plaza (58259); (NS11).Canberra Community Club is accessible by bus, metro, MRT, and LRT. These are the routes and lines that have close stops:

  • Bus: 859, 962
  • North South Line in the metro

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