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What to Know About Canberra Park Playground

The Canberra Park playground in Singapore’s north is a great place to spend the day. Wheelchair users can join in the fun at this inclusive playground, which features ramps and broad paths. Furthermore, children with impairments can enjoy specifically built play equipment such as these swings with a lap bar for added safety. Aside from that, there’s a fun dinosaur skeleton structure. The NEOS 360 electronic game station is a fascinating feature of the Canberra Park Playground. Eight different games are available for the NEOS 360, which can be played solo or in groups.

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The Canberra Park Playground playground play structures get designed to assist wheelchair-bound or disabled children and have fun.

Playground with more swings

Canberra Park Playground features the most range of swings of any Singapore playground we’ve visited. While it can be hard to find swings in heartland playgrounds, this is not a concern here. There are a lot of swings in Canberra Park. Swings are available for disabled youngsters. These are supposed to be broader and include a safety lap bar. Toddler bucket seat swings and conventional swings are also. A six-sided swing structure adds to the variety by allowing kids to swing toward each other. A standing swing is a more inventive perspective on a swing (with a handhold to help users keep from toppling off). The single-standing swing is an excellent warm-up for the rope swing, which can handle numerous people.

Canberra Park Playground

Adventure on the Rope

The rope obstacle course is the third play area of Canberra Park Playground. This rope course is one of the longest we’ve seen in any Singapore park. Kids can start at a rope dome and work their way to the other side via net bridges, rope handholds, step plank bridges, and cargo nets. It’s a challenge for kids to take on.

Other Attractions in Canberra Park playground

A basketball court and fitness stations are also available at the 1.5-hectare Canberra Park. A pavilion in the park’s center offers a shady location to take a breather from the action. There is no parking available in Canberra Park. Visitors must park at a nearby housing estate car park and walk there.

Canberra Park Playground Swing

Where to Eat?

Flying Wok is a restaurant in Canberra. The Thai Mama tomyum instant noodles served at Flying Wok are famous for being packed with ingredients. For example, the Standard Mama Wok (S$13) has shredded crab meat, scallops, and squid and may feed up to two people. The more lavish Jumbo Mama Wok (from S$49.90) is designed for a group of seven to ten people and includes additional components such as chicken cutlet, cheese sausages, prawns, and mushrooms.

How to get to Canberra?

The North-South line will connect Canberra to Sembawang and Yishun MRT stations, making it easy to get there. One of the MRT stations with a crossover track will be Canberra MRT Station. A crossover track, for those unfamiliar, is a second track that allows trains to cross from one to another in the event of a track fault. The best part is that it keeps train services running in both directions if a track failure occurs!

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