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Learn more about the Canberra Plaza

Canberra Plaza Facade

Canberra Plaza gets built as a New Generation Neighbourhood Center by the Housing & Development Board, the government agency in charge of developing public housing in Singapore. After completing Pioneer Mall and Punggol Plaza in 2004 and ten years later, it is one of the new neighborhood centers built by HDB. Canberra Plaza, according to CNN, will offer residents a “full live-work-play-learn environment and represents Singapore’s public housing for the future.” The mixed-use, transit-oriented development that includes the 3-story shopping center get situated near the eastern end of Sembawang, Singapore. The shopping center opens on December 18, 2020, with construction beginning in the middle of 2015. A footbridge connects the mall and Canberra MRT station immediately.

Canberra Plaza Grocery

Canberra Plaza’s design:

The Canberra Plaza has three commercial levels with a total gross floor area of 120,000 square feet or 11,000 square meters. Supermarkets and food courts are the primary tenants. Restaurants, medical facilities, and centers for enrichment are examples of commercial facilities. The Canberra Plaza now includes a playground with water features and a covered area for public gatherings. To improve connection, a portion of the ground floor will be open 24 hours a day and connected to the housing precincts by a covered elevated pedestrian footbridge.

Canberra Plaza Exhibit

The Locality:

The Canberra Plaza is a part of a mixed-use, transit-oriented development because it gets located in Sembawang’s northern section. Ahead of it are HDB public housing projects that will eventually become the Sembawang Springs Estate. The Yishun Industrial Park A is located nearby and houses vehicle repair shops in addition to workshops for enterprises in the manufacturing sector.

Activities In Canberra Plaza:

There are numerous reasons for everyone to make the trip up north, not the least of which is the much-anticipated inauguration of the Canberra Plaza, where a range of foods are enjoyed together with more entertainment and shopping possibilities. There is also the enormous McDonald’s outlet that gets anticipated. The Water Play Park get also recommended and is open to the public for free, is another one. You might be interested in living in the Sembawang BTO because it’s close to a convenient one-stop shopping mall and hangout area.

Canberra Plaza Driveway


HBD held a competition in 2014 to select the architectural firm for the Canberra Plaza. It gets planned. Using the provided design brief, create a mixed complex with a gross floor size of 117,000 square meters (1,260,000 square feet). The plaza gets intended to have a nautical character and be inspired by flowing rivers because of its location close to canals like Sungei Simpang Kiri. In October, the SAA architects get declared the contest’s victor. One year later, in October 2015, HBD organized a public exhibition on Canberra Plaza, where they displayed the architectural model from the HDB headquarters in Toa Payoh. Construction on The Plaza then started, and it gets anticipated that it would be complete in 2019. The mall will formally open on December 18, 2020.

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