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More To Know About Century Square

Century Square, which debuted in 1995, has undergone a fresh renovation, and modernization, with a new façade and new tenants calling it home. In addition to family-friendly services and activity facilities like larger nursing rooms and a 24-hour gym, it has six levels of retail, entertainment, and F&B establishments with open-concept dining areas. The first-of-its-kind virtual library on the fourth level, where users can download e-books to their mobile devices noteworthy feature.

 College Station, Texas, near Texas A&M University, Century Square is a vibrant mixed-use neighbourhood. The 60-acre development redefines the Brazos Valley and offers a vibrant community hub where people gather from all over the area to enjoy a walkable urban destination.

Century Square Interior


Century Square was built by First Capital Corporation Ltd (now GuocoLand) and opened in July 1995 with 63 tenants. Then-Minister for Home Affairs Wong Kan Seng declared it formally open on November 25, 1995. Along with Tampines Mall, which opened in December of that year, it was one of the first shopping centres in Tampines. K-MART department store (since replaced by Metro), privately owned Century Cineplex operated by Shaw Theatres, Food Junction, SAFE Superstore, and Shop N Save supermarket were all in the mall. It was sold to AsiaMalls Management Pte Ltd. nine years later (ARMF Pte Ltd).

Century Square Supermarket

Under the new management, Century Square had a light refurbishment. BHG replaced Metro after it closed its doors in 2007. By occupying a portion of Metro’s prior properties, the ladies-focused mall creates several new businesses and brands added along with a revised tenant mix. The mall didn’t undergo significant remodelling until August 2017, when it shut down for a lengthy nine-month restoration from September 2017 to June 2018. Both the internal design and the building’s exterior were updated. Ichiban Boshi, PrettyFIT, SHINE, Food Junction, Moda Paolo, Jollibee, Prime Food and Grocer, Haidilao, ToTT, and The Food Market by Food Junction are among the building’s current tenants. On April 25, 2022, Filmgarde Cineplexes closed.

Century Square Food Court

Tampines’s oldest mall

Tampines is home to three malls: Tampines Mall and Century Square. The final one is the oldest of the bunch, so perhaps they opted to undergo such a major makeover—to keep up with its more fascinating and youthful rivals.

Customers of the dated mall have reportedly stated that the renovation was long “delayed,” claiming that the mall’s offers are outdated and can’t even compare to Tampines 1 and Tampines Mall. Additionally, tenants have expressed concerns regarding the slowing of operations over time.

Century Square Escalator

Cinema’s new “3D immersive sound technology

New theatre operator Filmgarde will promote an innovation called “3D immersive sound technology.” Although specifics are hazy, the title indicates that sound effects would genuinely jump out at you, similar to 3D.

Additionally, six halls with almost 1,000 people will be present.

Filmgarde wants to host events as well, such as free film screenings.

‘Shopping’ walls- AsiaMalls Management, the mall manager, is reportedly thinking about creating futuristic “shoppable” walls where customers could order items from displays and have them delivered to their homes for a price.

Century Square Shops

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