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Changi Beach Park Singapore

Know About The Places To Visit At Changi Beach Park

Changi Beach Park gets located on the northern face of Changi in Singapore’s eastern district. The ‘Japanese Imperial Army’ used the ‘Changi Beach’ as a slaughtering ground during the ‘Japanese Occupation of Singapore,’ when 66 Chinese – males were shot and murdered on the beach by the ‘Japanese Hojo Kempei’ on February 20, 1942.

Changi Beach Park was part of the ‘Sook Ching’ operation, was known as the ‘Sook Ching’ massacre of 1942, and – got designed to eliminate anti-Japanese people. The WWII memorial plaque got erected in Changi Beach Park in Singapore’s eastern region. ‘Changi Beach’ was also a battleground during World War II, and there is a legend that the location gets haunted.

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Changi Beach Park is a beach park in Singapore’s eastern district, near the northern edge of Changi. The 28-hectare beach park is the oldest coastal park.

Changi Beach Park Shore


From Changi Point to Changi Ferry Terminal, the beach stretches. The drift is complemented by tree lines and a verdant spread, making it a good outing area. The bluish sea near the shoreline runs – for roughly 3.3 kilometres along the drift. It is well-known among natives as a place where they may spend quality time with their families.

Several people enjoy cycling and skating through the area. The shoreline is never crowded, providing a much-needed sense of tranquilly to its visitors, in contrast to – the crowded and cosmopolitan atmosphere of downtown Singapore.

Take A Boardwalk And A Cycling Tour

Cycling is an excellent way to see everything that Changi Beach Park has to get. They can get rented at the park’s bicycle stand. The Changi Boardwalk provides breathtaking views of the Singapore River. At the Changi Ferry Point Terminal, visitors may enjoy the 2.2-kilometer boardwalk, accompanied by the sound of lapping waves. One of the key benefits of going on a bike tour in Changi is that you can cover more ground than just the beach. Changi Road is home to various sights, and the best way to see them all is on a bicycle. Witness this fascinating location through the eyes of a native. Who knows what you’ll come across.

Changi Beach Park Restaurant

Visit the Changi Chapel as well as the Changi Museum

Changi Museum and Chapel were initially housed at Changi Prison but – transferred to Changi Village in 2001. It graphically depicts the gloomy period of Japanese control of Singapore, which lasted from 1942 until 1945. During this time – the infamous Changi Prison region housed women and children, ordinary people, and war detainees. This historical centre should take about two hours, as you may require a passionate break between shows. Day excursions are available from a variety of bike tour companies.

Changi Beach Park Playground

At Changi Beach, savour the delicacies

‘Changi Beach’ is also a foodie’s pleasure, and if you are a foodie, you can visit the Changi Beach eateries to sample the delights. Bistro @ Changi, an F&B establishment in Changi Beach Park, serves western cuisine such as grilled meats, spaghetti, and seafood. It is open from midnight till midnight. On Sundays, it opens at 10 a.m. Little Island Brewing Co, a microbrewery and smokehouse café is one place to check out if you like barbecued meats and beer.


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