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Everything To Know About Changi Business Park Bus Terminal

The Singapore University of Technology and Design is right near the Changi Business Park Bus Terminal, a bus terminal in the northern portion of the business park (SUTD). The bus station is a terminus for services that serve Changi Business Park and gets situated off Changi South Avenue.

The Changi Business Park Bus Terminal, which houses two new BSEP Bus Services to facilitate expanded bus services in the Changi Business Park region, was opened on December 20, 2015.

Changi Business Park Bus Terminal Facade 

The Terminal: Vehicle Concourse at Changi Business Park Bus Terminal

Vehicle Concourse at the bus terminal at Changi Business Park

SUTD’s campus and the intersection of Changi Business Park Central 2 are both nearby the Changi Business Park Bus Terminal, which is a bus terminal along Changi South Avenue 1.

The station offers no rail links and only acts as a bus terminal for routes that service Changi Business Park.

With a single vehicular concourse area and a combined entry and exit connecting to a traffic light junction with Changi South Avenue 1, the terminal got – inaugurated in December 2015. For combined boarding, alighting, layovers, the end – has 12 end-on parking areas. The four queuing berths that service the end-on lots may be divided into two by a swing gate to provide a maximum of eight berths. 

Other amenities at the terminal include: 

  • an interchange office, 
  • an unopened ticket office, 
  • a driver’s lounge, restrooms, 
  • a nursing room, and 
  • a limited-access NTWU canteen.

The SBS Transit Passenger Service Office is currently unstaffed due to the low passenger activity at the terminal, and passengers get advised to contact neighboring bus interchanges for help. The box office has never been accessible.

Historical Context

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) wanted to construct a new bus terminal close to Changi Business Park, off Changi South Avenue 1, to support more buses and services as part of the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP). Yew Ann Construction Pte Ltd received the S$5,745,875.00 contract number RD283 for building the terminal. The project was supposed to be finished in Q2 2015, that deadline moved to Q4 2015.

The bus terminal was built and given to SBS Transit Ltd for outfitting and preliminary construction. Service 47 and Service 118 – inaugurated under the BSEP on December 20, 2015, and they started running the terminal needed specific essential furnishings (see Lack of Facilities section below). Only recently, in early 2017, were metal lineaments placed.

Changi Business Park Bus Terminal Restroom 

Inadequate facilities

The terminal was incomplete and lacking peculiar essential furnishings when it first launched on December 20, 2015. Only standing sign holders and other makeshift signage made of A4 paper and adhesive tape were present where official signs should have been. 

Builders Invited to Submit Bids for Construction of New Bus Terminal

  1. To complement the Bus Service Enhancement Program, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will construct a new bus terminal along Changi South Avenue, close to Changi Business Park (BSEP).
  2. The new terminal, anticipated to be finished by the second quarter of 2015, will have parking spaces for 12 buses, a bus operator’s office, a restaurant, and a rest room for bus drivers. 
  3. To solicit bids from contractors to build the new bus terminal, LTA has announced a tender.

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