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Here is All About the Changi Methodist Church 

The Changi Methodist Church was once the Geylang Chinese Methodist Church’s preaching center. The inaugural service was at Chong Nan School on Joo Chiat Road. Two years later, pioneering work on Chai Chee started, and the name was changed to Chai Chee Preaching Point. In 1979, the Chai Chee Preaching Point Working Committee filed to organize a local conference on October 4 and formally formed on October 21, 1979.

The Origins of the Church:

Charis Methodist Church (Charis) originated as the Methodist Youth Fellowship of Geylang Chinese Methodist Church. Establishment of Charis as an autonomous church within the Methodist Church’s China Annual Conference in Singapore in 1989. On January 1, 1989, the English congregation became autonomous and renamed itself Charis Methodist Church. Rosalind Goh met the late Dr. Benjamin Chew, an elder of the Bethesda Katong Church, who called his house “Charis” when she was a young woman.

He later discovered that “Charis” meant “God’s grace.” She entered this name in a church naming contest since we have seen God’s blessings and outpouring of His grace over the years.

Phase 1: 1992 

Charis Methodist Church had been homeless for many years. Charis bought the current church site on Koon Seng Road in late 1992. Charis Student Care Center opened its doors to 33 students in Geylang Central in 1994.

PENIEL’S HOUSE -Phase 2: 1999

It required more room for Sunday School sessions as the church developed. In 1999, renovation work for the neighboring home into the House of Peniel housed the church office and various resource rooms.

PHASE 2A: 2001

Church Sanctuary Restoration The reconstruction featured hydraulic life, a stunning stained glass panel on the outside face of the church, and a footbridge at the church’s back door.

Phase 2B: 2007

The sanctuary gets refurbished in 2006, and the chapel gets renovated in 2007.

Phase 3: 2019

Redevelopment of a Church God instructed us to acquire all of our riches to create disciples and be effective agents of God in establishing His kingdom among humanity and saving “lost souls.” We aim to make our church a better future home for Christians, a church without boundaries for our community to be more inclusive of the community. And beacon in our neighborhood and the rest of the globe as part of the development of our church.

Last updates:

Building a better home for Karisians, a church without walls to better integrate the neighborhood and serve as a light to our neighbor, Singapore, and the rest of the globe.

Service Details:

Services on Sunday The Living Hope Methodist Church, 20 Tampines Street 33, has been temporarily relocated:

Hours Change:

Mandarin Service: 2:00 p.m.

English Service: 4:00 p.m.

Sunday School begins at 16:00 a.m.

Church School:

The objective of Children’s Ministry is to raise a generation of God-loving, God-fearing, Kingdom-minded children, to help them develop in God’s Word, and to share God’s love with others through the power of the Holy Spirit. We believe engaging activities, Spirit-led worship, and learning will lead to a personal experience with God for our children.

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