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Christ Methodist Church has done a great job of reaching out to the community since its founding in 1930 and continues to do so now. All who interact with the Christ Methodist Church get sincerely hoped and prayed for to personally experience Christ’s atoning grace and receive Him as their personal Saviour.

Christ Methodist Church in Singapore is a stunning new place of worship. The Christ Methodist Church has a sizable sanctuary, a multipurpose room, and underground parking. Along with many other brand-new amenities, the church now has a baptismal pool, classrooms, a band room, a recording studio, a dance studio, and a green wall on both sides of the building. 


  • Passionate for God,
  • Loving the Community


They pledge to make deliberate disciples who love Christ, spread that love, and use the power of the Holy Spirit to make disciples in every nation.


They will Worship the Lord, Connect in Fellowship, Develop as Disciples, Serve in Ministry, and Reach Out to Others as Intentional Disciples.

Spreading to Singapore

Bishop James Thoburn, William F. Oldham, Dr. Anne Thoburn, and Julia Battie came to Singapore on a vessel that sailed into New Harbour on February 7, 1885, marking the beginning of Methodism in that city-state (now known as Keppel Harbour). 

The first service was held the very following day on short notice; daily prayer sessions started at the Town Hall (which eventually became the Victoria Theatre) on January 22 until February 22, 1885, establishing Methodism in Singapore. Further development followed as more and more people moved here in search of trade and work.

Geylang has various kampongs in the early 1900s. A Gospel House with only eighteen members gets founded in 1905 by a small group of local Christians. Over the years, the number of worshippers increased, and by the 1930s, they had filled a church on Aljunied Road. Lau served as the church’s first pastor and did so until 1951.

There was no English-speaking congregation when Rev. Lau gets assigned to the Geylang Chinese Methodist Church in January 1930. The Methodist Youth Fellowship held English-language sessions in the afternoon and Sunday School classes in the morning. Early in 1931, these two groups served as the seed for the creation of English service. The adjacent Geylang Methodist Girls’ School and other young adults eventually joined the service, bringing girls. 

After a year, the Methodist Annual Conference established a Local Church Conference in light of the development. And the English-speaking congregation was constituted and duly acknowledged as distinct from the Chinese church. As a result, the Geylang English Methodist Church gets founded.


In the 1980s, as Christ Methodist Church began to renovate the property and move forward with the construction of a new education building, the issue of a physical space shortage reemerged. A new, three-story building contains the church office. And Sunday School classrooms get built in the place of the previous parsonage. An outdoor service gets performed to celebrate the Yong Ngim Djin Building’s dedication and to recognize the man’s more than thirty years of service when finishing the new structure in 1985.

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