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The Church of Christ the King in Singapore is part of the global Catholic Church and gets governed by the Pope in Rome. According to the Singapore government’s 2020 census, 18.9 percent of Singaporeans identify as Christians, an increase from 18.3 percent in 2010. According to the Church of Christ the King Singapore, there are around 373,000 Catholics in Singapore.


“Our belief begins with God because God is the first and last, the beginning and end of all things.” Because God the Father is the first divine Person of the Most Holy Trinity, the faith begins with him. Our Creed begins with the creation of heaven and earth because creation is the beginning and foundation of all God’s works.” – The Catholic Church’s Catechism, n. 198


Catholics residing in the newly created Ang Mo Kio New Town had to travel to either Holy Spirit Church in Thomson or St. Francis Xavier Church in Serangoon Gardens to attend Mass by the late 1970s. In 1979, Father Louis Fission, CICM, was named “Priest in Charge” of the Church of Christ the King and a new parish in Ang Mo Kio. Over the next three years, funds get raised. On September 20, 1981, Archbishop Gregory Yong laid the cornerstone. Br Anthony Ho, Br Frans de Ridder, CICM, and Br Jean Pierre Benit. CICM were named Pioneer Pastors, with Br Ho as Pastor.

Ang Mo Kio Catholics received their new church dedicated to Christ the King on August 1, 1982, referring to Jesus seated at “the right hand of God in the kingdom of heaven.” The first Mass was said on August 15, and Archbishop Yong blessed and formally inaugurated the church on September 26. Church ministries expanded steadily, propelled by parishioners’ strong desire to assist the community. In 1989, a massive contribution was from the church to raise funds for the new Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea (OLSS). The OLSS pastor gave them the Christ the King statue that had been in the church for many years.

This statue is now the most well-known emblem of Christ the King Church. She has a prominent position on the balcony and greets those who enter. The church has undergone various restorations, including a significant reconstruction effort in 1996 that addressed severe issues while providing much-needed seats in the main church and vast chambers for numerous activities such as catechism and ministry meetings. Aesthetic modifications by beautiful stained glass windows and baptismal font. The Mother of Perpetual Help symbol from the 1950s is precious. 

The Holy Communion Sacrament:

The church teaches that Holy Communion is morally necessary for salvation, which means that it would be crucial to resist major temptations and avoid significant sins without the graces of this sacrament.

Students in primary school:

FIRE kids from elementary school. When the software is ready, it will immediately receive the sacrament of Holy Communion. If your kid missed admission, contact FIRE Ministry at to register for a Holy Communion Preparation session.


To receive Holy Communion, one must be Catholic. See the RCIA for additional information about becoming a Catholic.

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