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Church of Saint Francis Xavier altar

Guide to know about the Church of Saint Francis Xavier

To create a church and a primary school run by the Infant Jesus Sisters, Archbishop Olçomendy bought a 5-acre tract of property in the Serangoon Garden Estate in early 1957. Fr. Philippe Meissonnier was selected to direct the church’s construction. It was completed and sanctified in 1959. While en route to Japan in 1552, a chapel bearing the name of St. Francis Xavier get said to have stopped in Singapore for a short time. Many extraordinary tales from the patron saint’s activities and travels get depicted in a stunning stained-glass centerpiece that faces the altar. 

The Church of Saint Francis Xavier completed its construction in time for the feast day celebrations in December 1958, beating the previous record by eight months. Fr. Henri Saussard offers to Fr. René Chalet as the first parish pastor. It is renowned for having vibrant, multifaceted youth communities that have served as an example and a motivating force for other organizations of the nature in the Singapore Catholic youth scene.

Our Catholic Communities:

Every family and every Catholic has a unique connection to the church. How awesome it would be for everyone to get together and share their remembrances of growing up in a catholic family, within a catholic community or parish neighborhood, catholic school days, or their encounters and experiences with priests and religions who touched their lives. We are grateful to the Catholics who spoke up to explain how their faith, love, and service to the Singaporean church have impacted them. The Church of Saint Francis Xavier archives have been actively collecting oral histories, and selected excerpts get translated into personal narratives. Many of the accounts featured here began as oral histories.

Organizations of Christ’s Dedicated:

Associations of christ’s faithful are church groups that differ from institutes of consecrated life and societies of apostolic life. They could consist of the laity, the clerics, or both. They collaborate to advance issues like open worship, Christian education, and other initiatives such as evangelizing pious deeds and humanitarian activities to develop a more Christian way of life.

Apostolic life societies and prelature:

Because neither of the former takes religious oaths, men and women in societies of apostolic life or (personal) prelature differ from those in institutions of consecrated life. APOSTOLIC LIFE SOCIETIES get often established in response to a particular need of the church. Hence it is also not an institution of consecrated life. Versus religious institutions whose members take vows and lead lives outside the world, this is different.

Consecrated life institutes:

Members of institutes of consecrated life give their lives to the church by making public vows and holding fast to the specific religious laws they have adopted. Their way of life includes work, meals together, private prayer, communal prayer, and communal recreational activities.We owe a debt of gratitude to Singapore’s numerous religious congregations for offering the faithful their unwavering physical, emotional, and spiritual support.

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