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Everything You Need To Know About Church of Singapore

The Church of Singapore (COS) founded as a local charismatic church in 1963. Both the Holy Spirit’s baptism and the exercise of His gifts are something we hold dear. God has generously blessed us over the years. Over 4,000 members currently attend 15 different weekly Services to worship. Church of Singapore community of young people and older people from all areas of life varies because we are a family church.


When Singapore was still a part of Malaysia, the Church of Singapore found in 1963. Three guys, Goh Ewe Kheng, Cheng Kai Ho, and Huang Jen Shen, founded it. Goh, a businessman and elder in the Church of Singapore, served as managing director of Tithes Dental and Photo Supply. He was an elder in the Brethren church until Kong Duen Yee’s sermons influenced him to become a Pentecostal. He had previously led Scripture Union Singapore’s Chinese division in the 1960s and later served as the group’s chair from 1998 to 2000.

The Evangelical Fellowship of Singapore, an interdenominational organization founded in 1980 to “research social concerns and present the government with a common Christian platform,” included the  Church of Singapore as one of its founding churches.


As the church’s membership grew, it split into four branch churches that eventually merged to become sister congregations. The first Church of Singapore in 1979, Church of Singapore in 1981, the Church of Singapore in 1987. the Church of Singapore (Harvest) in 1996 and on. On September 22, 2019, the Church of Singapore (Tai Seng), which had previously been a part of the Church of Singapore, became the newest member of the COS family.

Making Communities Better

The mission and value of the Church of Singapore has been to impact and transform communities. Through Tung Ling Kindergarten, COS began its first venture into offering community services as of 1977. After that, a group of churches and para-organizations join forces to form St. Luke’s Hospital, which has subsequently grown to include St. Luke’s Eldercare. Later, Tung Ling Community Services, Tung Ling Student Care Centre, and Tung Ling Bible School—all of which are now entirely independent—were established.

The process of moving to our permanent location

The church’s membership had increased to over 1,000 by the late 1980s. Our leaders began negotiating with the owners 145 Marine Parade Road to buy the land. The owner ultimately consented to sell the freehold home to us in 1987. Glory to the Lord! The old building dismantled the work on the new one started in 1989. Our services held at the Odeon Katong Theatre and 41 Koon Seng Road during this time. In 1992, the new structure ultimately finished.

What is the Network of Charismatic Local Churches?

The Charismatic Local Church Network (CLCN) establish to combine the resources of sister churches locates throughout Malaysia and Singapore, to reinforce our ties to one another historically, and to broaden our collaboration to carry out the Great Commission.

Pastoral Care, Missions, Youth, Children, Worship, Children’s Education, and Young Working Adults are the seven areas of the church ministry where the CLCN leadership coordinates the sharing of resources. To increase synergy, shorten learning curves and boost church planting efforts can merge. 

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