Church of St. Stephen

Church of St. Stephen

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Father Pierre Bouttaz MEP began visiting residents of the Macpherson Estate when he was attached to the Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace from 1958 to 1966.  Church of St. Stephen is where the story begins. Plans made to establish a parish that would serve the area at his suggestion. Masses first said in the chapel and the Canossa Convent’s school hall. A stilted outhouse had once been a dormitory for orphan boys under the care of the Canossian Sisters transformed into a place of worship on Sundays. The community expanded out of the flimsy wooden church.


Father Joachim Teng finished the project despite all the difficulties the early church faced with the Building Control Department of the National Development Father Rene Challet MEP initiated the attempts to raise money for a proper church building.

Nevertheless, the church persisted, and on August 15, 1976, piling work for the building started. On April 22, 1978, Archbishop Gregory Yong blessed and opened the church completed to great delight. To the joy of Catholics on the Macpherson Estate, the freshly refurbished church was blessed and dedicated on October 21, 2007, by Archbishop Nicholas Chia.

Father John Bosco Pereira is the current parish priest of  Church of St. Stephen, and Father John Lau is the assistant parish priest, following Father Gerard Weerakoon’s tenure as parish priest for six great years (from 2015 to 2021).

St. Stephen, a patron saint of ours

Stephen reacted to his accusation of blasphemy by providing a thorough account of God’s favouritism of His people and Moses throughout his trial. Stephen also reminded his audience of the numerous occasions when the people’s determination caused them to stray from God’s faithfulness and cause difficulty for themselves. As Stephen looked up into heaven and saw the glory of God and Jesus seated at God’s right hand, his assailants were jealous of his knowledge and athis, rebuke, stoned him to death. Stephen prayed to Jesus just before he passed away, asking him to take his spirit and pardon his killers.

Stephen performed numerous miracles and talked with such elegance and wisdom that many of those who heard him became followers of Jesus. When Stephen’s opponents realised how effective his preaching was, they were incensed and plotted to have him killed. As the first Christian martyr, St. Stephen is revered and is the patron saint of deacons, bricklayers, and stonemasons. Our parish’s statue of St. Stephen holding a bible and a loaf of bread. While the loaf of bread represents his primary duty as a deacon, which was to provide sustenance to the widows and the needy, the bible represents his position as a deacon and the wise teaching he was performing to persuade people to join Jesus.

Consecrated life institutes

Members of institutes of consecrated life commit their lives to the church by making public vows and abiding the special religious rules set by their orders. border-vintage-center-down. Their manner of life includes labour, meals, private prayer, communal recreation, and communal prayer. We owe a debt gratitude to the many religious organisations in Singapore that have continuously supported the local faithful on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. discover their calling to Singapore and their accomplishments


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