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Things To Know About  Church of the Holy Family

The first Catholic church in Singapore’s eastern part was the Church of the Holy Family. It began in a wooden cabin constructed by the Brothers of the Christian Schools (De La Salle Brothers) in 1923 moved to a modest chapel on property donated by a Eurasian donor. The chapel quickly outgrew its capacity to hold worshipers’ preparations undertaken to create a new church structure on the current site. The rebuilt  Church of the Holy Family, finished in 1932, developed into a thriving hub for Eurasian and Peranakan communities in Katong. Before the Japanese Occupation, the congregation rapidly result the arrival of these groups and the opening of Catholic schools.


Early in 1902, four Tanjong Katong-based Eurasian families founded the church. Along with Mr. James Leonard Scheerder, who established a coconut plantation along Marine Parade, Chapel Road, and East Coast Road, they bought land in the region. The De La Salle Brothers purchased a piece of property nearby, which is currently home to St. Patrick’s School. During the holidays, Mass said structures they owned along the East Coast are now East Coast Park.

Church of the Holy Family Actual structure not built until just after World War I, when Reverend Father Pierre Raudel, the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd’s parish priest at the time, asked Scheerder donation of some land.

Personal Life Ministry (FLM)

Several projects and activities that carried out:

Marriage services

Helping couples who have registered to get married in the parish by accompanying them on their path and seeing that they get ready for their eternal commitment to one another, starting with the sacrament of marriage.

Baby baptism

helping parents get ready for their child’s baptism

  • festivities for the wedding anniversary
  • annually on August 9.
  • enrichment initiatives
  • workshops and presentations for families, kids, and couples.
  • canteen duties, getaways, and camps

Group of Filipinos

The Filipino Group started as a gathering place for Holy Family Church’s regular Filipino worshipers. Every Sunday, we get together for friendship, group prayer, and bible sharing. Our group will go to senior people’s homes month with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul to sing and dance for them. We have also established a skills development training programme that gives migrant workers the tools they need to become successful citizens both now and in the future. The programme operated by local and migrant volunteers provides classes in basic computer skills, dressmaking, hair and beauty care, and nursing assistance.

Group For Charismatic Prayer

The Charismatic Prayer Group’s mission is to share with all people, via a genuine encounter with the Holy Spirit in their life, the experience of having Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and of the Father’s bountiful love. Everyone should develop their connection with the Lord, receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and use them for service and evangelism. It is something we dedicated. The activity group is a weekly prayer meeting that includes song and worship, the use of charismatic gifts, the reading and scripture, and personal testimonials of the Lord’s real presence in our lives. Every Friday, from 8:15 p.m. to 9:45 p.m., prayer meetings are held in the 4th-floor Function Room.

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