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Guide To Know About The  Church of the Holy Spirit

Father Anthony Schotte, a Belgian missionary from the CICM, commonly known as the Scheut Missions, was given the go-ahead by Archbishop Michel Olçomendy to create a new parish in the late 1950s. The Church of the Holy Ghost (later renamed Church of the Holy Spirit) began in a tiny bungalow with wooden structures and a hut on Upper Thomson Road in 1960. By 1964, the Church of the Holy Spirit had a more permanent building with a distinctive bricked façade, high ceilings and accordion-style timber doors made by local craftsmen.


The first Catholics in Singapore arrived from other mission countries in Asia, especially Portuguese Malacca, as the city-state was a major commerce centre even before the 19th century. The padroado from the iberian powers and propaganda fidei from Rome serve to set for the opening of our tale. Monitor the church’s growth over time as it reaches out to many populations’ needs for medical treatment, education, social services, and a connection to God in  Church of the Holy Spirit.


Thomson locates in the centre of Singapore in a prime location with easy access to all the city’s amenities but being enough removed from the action to termed a suburb. Although distant from the ocean, the Macritchie Reserve is nearby in the south, and although far from the woods, Bishan Park is nearby. In the 1960s, the neighbourhood was expanding, as it still is now. Unlike its neighbour Bishan, Thomson is predominantly made up of individual homes, with a population primarily from the middle class.

Blessed and committed is the Church of Divine Mercy.

On January 9, 2010, a Dedication Mass held to bless and dedicate the recently constructed Divine Mercy Church. The celebrant, Archbishop Nicholas Chia, addressed the audience and stressed the value of praying for and extending mercy. A relic of St. Faustina buried beneath the church altar during the Mass. The parish priest, Fr. Johnson Fernandez, referred to the event as a “graceful day for the Singapore diocese.”

On January 22, 2014, the Catholic Theological Institute of Singapore (CTIS) officially opened. In his speech, Archbishop William Goh discussed the value of theological thought and the need to raise it to a higher level. CTIS’s Rector, Fr. James Yeo, shared.

Land Given to Construct Our Lady of Lourdes Church

A plot of property on Ophir Road had given to the colonial government in 1885. The Church of Our Lady of Lourdes was established in 1888 to cater to the Catholics who spoke Tamil. The IJ Sisters also took over management of the General Hospital in 1885. (later Singapore General Hospital). Bishop Edward Gasnier wanted the Sisters to start a different hospital, and the Straits Government planned to hire qualified European nurses.

Relations between Singapore and the Holy See on a diplomatic level.

On June 21, 2006, Cardinal Renato Raffaele Martino officiated at a Mass in the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd to mark the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Holy See and Singapore. The Mass celebrates by Archbishop Nicholas Chia and the Apostolic Nuncio to Singapore. Cardinal Martino and Singapore’s foreign minister attended a celebratory dinner on June 23. Two commemorative books issued for this occasion.

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