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What are the benefits of Ci Yuan Community Centre?

The address of Ci Yuan Community Club is 9 Hougang Avenue, and it has a senior care facility, medical clinic, auditorium, underground parking area other attractions. Ci Yuan Community Centre is also Singapore’s first community club with a hawker center. BCA Green Mark Platinum and UD Mark Gold Plus awards get given to the project. 2015 saw the project’s completion.

Provides A Space For Youth:

Creating a welcoming environment for young people to hang out and form relationships is a challenge shared by many towns and cities. Ci Yuan Community Centre provides youth access to that area and keep them occupied while fostering relationships through sports leagues and recreational activities. It is advantageous for working parents who want to provide a safe after-school location for their kids.

Enhances the regional economy:

A local community or leisure center boosts the local economy, but this gets frequently overlooked in the rush of facility planning and development. It not only creates jobs for those involved in construction and facility management but also offers the locals chances to make money through sporting events and conventions.

Promotes Community Involvement:

Community involvement is one of the advantages of a leisure facility that is more difficult to measure. A community or recreation center encourages Ci Yuan Community Centre involvement through its programming and interpersonal interactions with residents. People can meet new people and develop a passion for their area and community through events organized at the center.

Increase Your Community’s Value:

Because they want people to dwell there, all communities strive to raise their worth. A great way to increase the value of your community and the properties is to build recreational facilities. A neighborhood community center will entice potential residents, particularly young families.

Promotes Health And Happiness Through Exercise:

Proper exercise habits have long been a problem in Singapore. A recreation facility promotes good activity habits, which makes locals happier and healthier. It gets accomplished through activities like basketball or free weight lifting, as well as initiatives like sports leagues and workout classes.Volunteering helps you become stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually. Lose the tension, rage, and anxiety that so many of us the experience to feel better. Your stress levels will reduce by the concept of supporting and being there for others. You are connecting with someone meaningfully, which is probably not something you will have the opportunity to do frequently.

Searching for the closest station or stop to Ci Yuan Cc & Hawker Center?

 Look at this list of stations that are the closest to where you’re going: Hougang St 91 – Hougang 1/Opp Blk 931a (64081); Hougang Ave 4 – Blk 687 (64609); Blk 976; Tongkang (SW7); Hougang Ave 9 – Blk 665 (64479); Hougang Ave 9 – Blk 917 (64471); Hougang Ave 4 – Blk 919 (64601); (NE14).Ci Yuan Cc & Hawker Centre is accessible by bus or metro. The following lines and routes have stops close by:

  • Bus: 109, 112, 116, 161, 72
  • North-East Line in the subway


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