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Citi’s presence in Singapore

Citi has had a presence in Singapore since 1902, and it has a presence in almost every asset class. Citi Singapore is Singapore’s biggest foreign banking employer, with strategically significant hubs, Innovation Labs, and the Asia Pacific Citi Service Centre located there (CSC).

Global Subsidiaries Group (Asia), Citi Private Bank (Global), and International Personal Bank (Global); product-focused innovation hubs, such as Global Consumer Bank, ASEAN Investment Banking Hub, Markets Hub, and Treasury and Trade Services (TTS) Hub; Innovation Labs, such as the Citi Innovation Lab (TTS) and the Consumer Innovation Lab; and the Asia Pacific Citi Service Centre (CSC) at Changi Busi

Global Consumer Banking at Citi

Citi’s Global Consumer Banking (GCB) operation in Singapore was established on January 1, 2005, as Citibank Singapore Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Citigroup, after the Monetary Authority of Singapore granted it a Full Banking license with Qualifying Full Bank rights.

Citibank Singapore is organized around three main business lines: (1) wealth management products and services, such as investments, insurance, deposits, and treasury products; (2) unsecured products, such as credit cards and personal lines of credit; and (3) secured products, such as mortgages and stock financing.


Citi’s Enabling Growth and Progress Mission and Value Proposition outline our approach to corporate responsibility.

We seek to incorporate corporate citizenship into all aspects of our companies and operations. Our activities and choices are guided by this integrated approach to thinking about Citi’s effect as a corporation on customers, communities, and our employees.

We want to build better and more long-term solutions via targeted and regular stakeholder interactions that promote collaborative problem-solving, combined with Citi’s substantial resources and experience.


The Citi Foundation seeks to promote economic growth and enhance the lives of low-income communities throughout the globe via grants and stakeholder partnerships. Since 2002, the Citi Foundation has given grants to local partners in Singapore to assist programs that address community needs. More than S$21 million has been spent in financial inclusion and programs under the ‘Pathways to Progress’ theme to impart skillsets to adolescents in order to facilitate their future employment up until 2020. The Citi Foundation’s “More than Philanthropy” strategy also utilizes Citi’s and its employees’ knowledge via volunteering in order to meet the firm’s objective and have a beneficial influence on the community.

Under the two basic pillars that drive our primary philanthropic activities – Financial Inclusion and Pathways to Progress – Citi Singapore operates six Citi Foundation programs. We believe that implementing targeted initiatives under these pillars in collaboration with universities and community organizations to improve financial literacy, as well as youth empowerment and employability, will strengthen the local community’s well-being and upward economic mobility, and ensure our society’s long-term growth.

We have taught financial literacy to over 340,000 secondary and primary school students, 50,000 tertiary students, and 6,000 mature women through these programs, as well as coached over 13,000 teachers, 1,400 social workers, and 830 tertiary students to become financial literacy trainers, and mobilized over 170,000 volunteers for over 150 social service agencies.

Why should you work at Citi?

Few organizations can boast of having a presence in over 75 percent of the world’s economies and a history spanning over 200 years. Are you ready to be a Citi world citizen? Joining Citi gives you access to a global network that spans all continents and exposes you to the finest practices on the global stage.

Development and Professional: At Citi, you have the opportunity to choose your own career path. We provide training and development opportunities to help you improve your skills and expertise. In five years, where do you see yourself? Citi can transport you to any location you choose.

Size and Reach (Brand): Citi’s large company offers more possibilities to learn about different career paths. As one of the world’s largest financial organizations, we have the ability to hire high-performing people from a variety of backgrounds. Are you ready to be a part of that strength? Our variety helps us overcome problems and makes us stronger…are you ready to be a part of that strength?

People and Capability (Culture): Our organization’s success is based on the enthusiasm and devotion of our employees. At Citi, you’ll discover a culture that values supportive relationships, learning, and a strong feeling of belonging. We look for people that are passionate about their job, Citi, and each other.

Community and sustainability: Citi has made serious efforts to improve our influence in the community area both globally and locally. We are concerned about the neighborhood in which we live, and we hope you are as well.

Integrity and Ownership: At Citi, we strive for and are not taken for granted when it comes to trust. We win trust from our customers by our goods, meritocracy earns trust from our workers, and we earn trust from the community through our honesty. We will not give up on our goal of being a responsible and long-term market leader. Consider what and who you want to represent when you begin your profession.

How does it feel to work alongside the finest in their industry in terms of challenge and innovation? We could tell you, or you could join us and find out for yourself. We operate in a competitive market, and we want athletes that can flourish as part of a team, collaborating with other superstars. Accept the challenge and join the game.

Structure and accountability (autonomy and advancement): We expect everyone at Citi to take charge of their own careers by giving them autonomy in their jobs and opportunity for advancement. Chances will be presented to you; are you ready to take advantage of them?


Mobility may refer to a variety of things, and Citi has the tools and networks to assist you in achieving the mobility you want. We encourage and support cross-business growth; as one of the world’s largest financial institutions, our employees have a plethora of career opportunities. Citi can open doors to nations all around the globe for people seeking geographic mobility. When you join Citi, you join a global network that spans more than 140 countries.

Development & Learning

Attending training seminars isn’t the only way to learn in the Citi environment. On the workplace, some of the most significant development chances exist. Through development planning and performance evaluation meetings, we encourage all employees to take responsibility of their own growth and to have meaningful interactions with their supervisors.


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