Cold Storage supermarket

Cold Storage Supermarket

Story: How did they start?

Born in Singapore in 1903, we started out as a small family business selling fresh quality meats & dairy. We started out small and have grown to be a top-tier company with an outrageously well-known brand. We helped invent the first supermarket in 1960, many other new innovative shopping concepts, and offered exclusive products at everyday discount prices. Cold Storage is also at the forefront of bringing quality and exclusive products from around the world to well-traveled Singaporeans.

To date, we have 4 unique brands namely Cold Storage, CS Fresh, Market Place and Jason’s across 55 stores island wide. Cold Storage, CS Fresh, Market Place and Jason’s across 53 stores island wide. Each is a fantastic option and offers a unique store concept and experience to cater to our diverse consumer needs

Supermarkets are now selling a lot of different products. You can find almost anything in one place: there are fresh produce, frozen foods and many other things as well. 

Cold Storage Supermarket Locations and Opening Hours

We currently have 37 Cold Storage outlets in Singapore, six of which are operating as 24-hour supermarkets. Our name comes from the fact that our first warehouse mainly sold fruits (ice).

With 24-hour Cold Storage outlets across Singapore, there is a place for everyone to get their groceries. With roots that go back all the way to 1903 and its first depot, established in this country specifically for the sale of fruit and vegetables, it’s no wonder that it has steadily grown into a supermarket chain loved by millions. 

Cold Storage has been providing exceptional customer service for over a century

Cold Storage

Top reasons to shop at Cold Storage

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the name Cold Storage. This supermarket chain is one of many that you regularly visit for your weekly grocery shopping. They have goods not available at our local supermarkets, which is why they are so popular.

Here are a few facts about Cold Storage that may entice you to shop there today.


Do you know why it is named Cold Storage? No, it is not because it’s colder there. ‘Cold Storage’ was originally founded in 1903 as a distributor of frozen meat, and it adopted its name from the fridges used to store these products.

We are Singapore

If you’re Singaporean and remember national day songs from when you were younger, there’s a good chance you already know about “We are Singapore.” Did you know that Cold Storage played an important role in the lyrics & arrangements of this song? It’s thanks to sponsors like Cold Storage that songs like this can exist. Their cost-free support allowed it to happen and if you’re grateful for the national day song, remember who sponsored it!


In the past, if you needed medical supplies, you had to go to a dedicated pharmacy. Cold Storage was one of the first supermarkets to offer a store-within-a-store pharmacists shop called ‘The Drug Store’ in 1959. This meant that shoppers could get their medical supplies, groceries and any other requirements for a healthier lifestyle under one roof. It means we’re fortunate to have 24 hour pharmacies so close to us today.

Online shopping

Technology has become a fundamental part of our lives and enables us to do things from the convenience of our homes. One example is online shopping for groceries- which has become popular in recent years. Back in 1997. The first online shopping portal to ship groceries was the Cold Storage, launched in 1999.

Biggest supermarket chain

Although NTUC may seem like the biggest supermarket chain in Singapore, they are not. The largest supermarket chain in Singapore is actually Cold Storage, with 75 stores that are scattered across the island. Recently, I learned that Giant and Shop ‘N’ Save are also part of the Cold Storage.

Fresh Food Guarantee

The slogan for Cold Storage is “The Fresh Food People” and their commitment to providing fresh products for all their shoppers is done through ensuring that their supplies for perishable products are handled with high-quality standards and this is done through a Fresh Food Distribution Centre which was opened in 1999.


Cold Storage is one of the few brands in Singapore with a track record of being trusted by Readers Digest. They’ve won the prestigious Trusted Brand by Readers Digest (Gold, Singapore 2007). If you’re not that familiar with it yet, other big local players such as NTUC FairPrice and DBS Bank. Cold Storage is also the first supermarket to receive the MUIS certification for Halal products.

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