Type of property land (Collective sale )

Type of property land Collective sale Singapore

What is Collective sale and how does it work?

Freehold estates, leasehold estates, and estates in perpetuity are the most common types of property ownership in Singapore. Freehold estates get divided into two categories. The fee simple is the first. A property owner who possesses a fee simple in land holds the property permanently without having rent, and it transfers to his heirs upon his death. The second Type of property land (Collective sale ) is the life estate, which is far more uncommon and grants ownership for the rest of the person’s life.

Collective sale:

Old buildings get demolished in Singapore’s land-scarce city for newer, swankier ones. En bloc means ‘all together’ or ‘as one block. The Type of property land (Collective sale ) refers to a large-scale collective sale of a condominium development by a single buyer for redevelopment and pricing into a new project.

How does an Collective sale transaction work?

In most cases, an en bloc can go one of three ways.

  • First, and most peacefully, there may be the possibility of a very lucrative sale. The owner’s band together to sell the entire block to receive a great price than they could separately.
  • Second, an outside buyer can contact a group of property owners and try to persuade them to vote to sell the entire development. Frequently, a battle would erupt. The owners get split into two camps: remain and sell.
  • Finally, a corporation may contact the proprietors with an offer to purchase the development. They subsequently sell it to a third party for a fast profit.

What variables influenced the possibility of a group sale?

The development’s age:

Because older projects are often run-down and require costly continuing care, it makes financial sense to replace them with something newer and more profitable.


Has the government designated the area for redevelopment? It is no secret that if a condominium complex gets located in one of the island’s top districts , the possibilities of an en bloc sale are higher than on the rest of the island since government land sites are less likely to be released in these regions.

Alternative possibilities and the apartment’s size:

The apartments are large in older condos. While some owners may be eager to sell their apartments for a profit, others may decline the offer since they will force to settle for smaller units elsewhere.

Ratio plot:

The location gets utilized by constructing extra units for future projects. Putting up a new, more tightly packed development would also improve revenues. Thus these parcels of land might be potential cash cows for en bloc sales if a higher plot ratio is permitted.

Agreement on a Collective Sale:

The Collective Sale Agreement establishes the rules that govern the relationship between the owners who have committed to a collective sale. The CSC is obligated to hold a general meeting to debate the CSA’s stipulations.

The reserve price and apportionment technique are the two most important terms in the CSA. The reserve price property will sell at the lowest possible price. The apportionment method describes how the development’s sale proceeds will distribute among the various owners.

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