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Guide to know about the Como Adventure Grove

Como Adventure Grove is a contemporary rendition of the timeless experience of climbing and playing in trees, inspired by the different portions of trees inside the Gardens. Children may swing, slide, and climb on structures that imitate the Weeping Fig’s aerial roots, crawl over the warty surface of a large Cempedak (Artocarpus integer), or roll and hop about the pod and seeds of a Saga tree (Adenanthera pavonina). These adaptable elements will assist nature through play. The Como Adventure Grove is located in the middle of nature, allowing children to interact with it via play and discovery. It provides children the freedom to select how and with what they play, fostering a feeling of adventure and discovery while also boosting their independence.

The Saga Seeds:

The ordinary may be made remarkable by drawing inspiration from and offering appreciation for even the small things in nature. Saga seeds, which are typically tiny than a square millimeter, brilliant crimson red, tough and glossy, are brought to life in the Como Adventure Grove through an obstacle course. For many of Singapore’s older generation, collecting saga seeds for use in art or as keepsakes is a fond childhood memory. Specially created, large saga seeds provide colorful and bouncy chairs for them to engage with to pay respect and share part of that nostalgic excitement with the next generation.

Scale the jackfruit:

Playpoint designed a Jackfruit that is 100 times the size of the original fruit and allows kids to climb up its thorny surface using grasping grips. As they descend, children of all ages may sharpen their coordination and develop their sense of awareness thanks to varying difficulty levels.

The Cempedak:

The prickly surface of the Cempedak, a tropical Asian fruit often known, inspired this play element in the COMO Adventure Grove. The fruit shell becomes a thrilling, interesting, and engaging experience for youngsters to struggle and clamber over when amplified and enlarged to a climbable degree. Different hues of brown and green get employed on each thorn to simulate the color differences present on the Cempedak itself, and the structure gets painted to match the colors of the authentic fruit. Climbing is essential for children’s early motor skills development, as it helps them acquire spatial and directional awareness and physical abilities like balance, hand-foot coordination, and agility.

The Banyan Tree Tower:

The beautiful Banyan Tree Tower, inspired by the Banyan tree, stands steady in the heart of the Grove, with over fourteen limbs extending across a wide sandpit. Climbing ropes, swings, circular nets, and hammocks are among the play components incorporated into it, allowing youngsters to engage in physical exercise that will help them build their bodies and minds. The Banyan Tree Tower’s vines and enormous branches provide opportunities for children to duck, swing, and hide, allowing them to get up close and personal with this spectacular tree species. 

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